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Smart Shoppers Savings Plan / Difficulty in Cancellation

1 PO Box 26658Phoenix, AZ, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 800-315-3904

I received solicitation over the phone and agreed to do the 30-day free trial with the option to cancel at anytime. I went online and could not find a site to do proceed with cancellation. I called the toll free number and got a recording saying that they were not open.

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  • Ca
      14th of Mar, 2009
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    I totally agree. I have been on the phone with a recording now for 25 min. I've also been on the website that they give over the phone and there's no way to cancel the membership. This needs to be addressed as a scam.

  • Je
      16th of Apr, 2009
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    I want to cancel my membership as soon as possibel.

  • Ja
      17th of Mar, 2010
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    i also want to cancel my membership i will have no way to use it so get someone else that will. janice Shook 1874 scenic lane, Mattoon, Illinois will send account id when i get a reply from you thank you 3/16/2010

  • Dj
      30th of May, 2010
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  • Dj
      30th of May, 2010
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    They are a sam and I was stupid to go along with it. I usually hang up but i guess they caought me at a vulnerable time. I cancelled on line but they keep chargeing me!!

  • Gi
      1st of Jun, 2010
    +1 Votes

    This company is a HUGE scam!!! According to the solicitaion, they were calling from my bank..LIE! The deal was to check thier savings coupons and cancell within 30 days. In return, I was to get vouchers for gas. The vouchers are really rebates that have to be submitted in $10 increments once a month..waste of time. I cancelled, BUT I started seeing withdrawals from my account from other companies I had never heard of!!! To date, I have called 4 different companies that got my card number through this SCAM! One even showed up on my cell phone bill!!! Luckily, the other companies have refunded my money, or will, and cancelled the subscriptions that I never applied. This company should be prosecuted and put out of business.

  • Bj
      5th of Jun, 2010
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    I too am having trouble cancelling. They even knew the last 4 number of my credit card. How did they get it. They are telemarketers.

  • Al
      8th of Jun, 2010
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    When they tried to get me to sign up they were SO rude. I asked them to call back at another time because I wanted to talk to my dad before I agreed to anything. I thought this was fine because this was the second time they've called me. The lady got such a bad attitude and goes, "You need to talk to your dad?" in the most condescending way possible. I explained to her that I needed to talk to him and she repeated the whole offer again. I repeated that I needed to talk to my dad first and she goes, "Fine, we won't contact you again and won't send you nothing." Um, if your going to a be a complete [censor] and you can't even use proper grammer, why would I sign up for this? There was noise in the background the whole time too. Obviously their customer service is very unprofessional. They didn't call me from an 800 number either. I don't know if this will work but if yall want to try, this is the number they called me twice from: 1-231-732-2738. Good luck. Thank God I didn't sign up.

  • Sm
      19th of Sep, 2010
    -2 Votes

    I work for sss and we are not a scam you are just cry babies! Say no if you dont want it! If you see that you are being charged its not hard to cancil, all you have to do is call the 800 number next to that charge on any cc or bank statement! and call during normal business hrs we have lives too! we are people just like you sure we call you and ask you if you want to sign up but your all grown up you should know how to say no!!!

  • Kb
      22nd of Dec, 2010
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    Can someone tell me how they were able to cancel on line? I don't see any place to do that. Like everyone else I have called the 800 with no results. The gas discounts sounded really good at the time they called, but like alot of you I never got any discount on gas.

  • Dl
      28th of Dec, 2010
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    Try this number! They didn't want me to have this number, but i told them that I wouldnt authorize any payment until i got number. The lady said the number so quickly that I had to basically tell her to shut up and slowly give me number.
    Call 1800-605-9758
    I do think this is a huge scam!

  • Da
      31st of Jan, 2011
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    My wife got a quick phone spiel about "free gas vouchers" but didn't give out any credit card info -- only verified our mailing address. Next thing, we get charged on MY credit card for SmartShopperSavingsPlan and 3 other "services" that weren't even mentioned in the call. The main thing to note is that my wife doesn't have access to MY credit card number, yet it was MY number that got charged for these 'services'. They linked up her name with my credit card in some database, and charged me without my authorization. Obviously, they are not only trading in standard marketing information, but are also trafficking in credit card numbers. Long story short: it took away a whole morning to straighten out the mess, and we had to cancel both our credit cards to be sure we would not get FOUR separate charges for around $29.95 each month for these affiliated scams. (The others associated scams were Travel & Entertainment Savings, AutoUSA, and US Weekly.)

  • Ch
      4th of Feb, 2011
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    I AGREE with everyone about this site. I not sure hoe they even got my phone number as iot is not even in my name> They are very sneaky in getting their information! They do talk fast and I myself, had to aske them to repeat the phone number again and again! I hope something is done about this as we did this for the savings we thought we would get through the rough times of our economy. They sure knew how to pick on the people trying to make their lives easier!!!This is a hugh scam!!!

  • Gl
      4th of Feb, 2011
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    I submitted for a gas rebate $10. They are telling me it takes 6-8 weeks to get it. It has been 8 weeks and no rebate yet. Has anyone got a rebate check?

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    I was called by these guys (269-477-2150) a few times now, each time it is the same rapid-fire spiel about how I am a "preferred customer" and they have my credit card information and want to charge me $2.00 shipping to send me $120 worth of free gas vouchers. They start out sounding like they are calling from my credit card company wanting to send me a "valued customer" reward, but when questioned admit they're not at all affiliated with my credit card company and got my information from some third party. But they can't tell me who it came from.

    Most amusing to me is their reactions when I point out their website ( is "under construction".

    You can read about my experiences with them at my How Stupid Do They Think I Am? Scam Stopper blog:

  • Po
      27th of Apr, 2011
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    After spending 20 minutes listening to their recording I finally got a person (800-315-3904). The lady I spoke with did agree to cancel and stated the charge of $29.95 that was billed EARLY in my FREE trial would be refunded but the $3.95 that was billed to me for my FREE trial would not be refunded. Um, apparently FREE now means $3.95. I am worried that I will see another $29.95 fee show up next month. She did provide me with a cancellation number but when I asked her to email me confirmation as well, conveniently their email was down but I was welcome to call back tomorrow and get one. I will be calling back tomorrow to get my email. Such a scam and such a shame.

  • Ka
      4th of Jun, 2011
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    I spent 15 minutes with the first pretentiously patronizing 'customer service rep' (& i use that term VERY loosely) who first offered to "help me out in such difficult economic times" by charging me a one-time lump sum payment of $800 (WTF?) which would then release me from my 'contractual obligation' to them. After declining his many offers of a "reduced" monthly payment, I was transferred to his 'supervisor' (another LOOSE term!) who wanted to play back the taped recording of me agreeing to their terms of payment, with the stipulation that I would agree to continue monthly payments (at a 'fraction' of the original price) AND allow me to send the magazines as gifts to whomever I chose (what a kind and generous offer--NOT!) I once again explained that I thought I was signing up for a shopping club with the promise of a $100 Target Gift Card voucher (that i later discovered had the same stipulations as the above-mentioned gas cards) and that the original salesperson had made no mention of any magazines or subscriptions (although in all honesty she may have, but I had a difficult time understanding her very pronounced Filipino accent - despite the fact that I am part Filipino). I finally got tired of listening to all the ways she could "help me out" and finally said I would NOT be making any more monthly payments and what the problem was in simply canceling my order, as Publishers Clearinghouse had not had a problem doing so when I asked them to. She finally agreed to cancel my order, but would not refund my first two payments. I asked her for the full name and address of her parent company, and when she asked why Iwanted to know, I replied that I just wanted to check their state business laws. She got a little flustered and first said she was in Virginia and she had to get permission to tell me the company name. She put me on hold and upon returning, she gave me the name and address that was printed on the top of my welcome letter (Reader Publications Syndicate/7014 13th Ave#RS/Brooklyn, NY 11228). She started to say something about having 4 other names for different programs, but stopped short and said that was the name for the Smart Shopper Savings plan was under. I was already running late for work, so I ended the conversation there. Imagine all the trouble and effort to get a lousy $39.90. If that's how these people get their nickel-and-dime income, they will never know the joy of an honest paycheck and stay in their pathetic little jobs until karma comes around and sets things right. Only then will they see the error of their ways. Because as we all know, paybacks are a Bi*ch.

  • As
      14th of Jun, 2011
    +1 Votes

    Smart Shopper is also billing me $94 for a service I never signed up for. When I called them to dispute it they said that I signed up for it online with all information on my credit card. Someone obviously had used my credit card number without my knowledge and authorization. I informed them that I had my card blocked/cancelled because I had noticed some questionable charges when I was checking my account online. I cannot understand how Smart Shopper was able to process this questionable transaction given that the card had already been blocked/cancelled. Also, It smells fishy to me that Smart Shopper would offer to drop the amount down to $54 if I settled immediately, otherwise I would be getting calls all the time until I pay up. This could very well be a scam so I am inclined to maybe pursue some kind of legal action if this issue is not resolved.

  • An
      17th of Jun, 2011
    0 Votes

    I called 800-315-3904 and within 2 minutes canceled the service and got a confirmation number emailed to me. The lady was really nice and sweet about it. She didn't bother asking me why I was cancelling the service tho.

  • Ms
      16th of Oct, 2011
    0 Votes

    I too was called by this company telling me they had recieved my husbands credit card information from an affiliate website and would send "gas voucher" worth $120 for accepting their 30 day free trial (cancel anytime for refund). They asked was I an authorized signer on that card and I said we shared the account. There was a piece of mail sent to me 3 weeks later with "Smart Shopper Savings plan" listed on it but no gas voucher, and I called to cancel it. When I called I said I had not received what was offered when they had originally called and I wasn't thinking the piece of mail they sent me was worth the shipping and handling they had charged me.
    Luckily it was 3 days before the 30 day trial had ended and they refunded the $2.95.
    Three weeks later, I found a piece of mail from a "Leisure Time Savings Club" with some gas rebate forms in it - (send up to two $5.00 rebates per month) which is nothing like what was presented in the original phone call. Also in this envelope was a "membership number" for a leisure time savings club which was going to be charging me $29.95 per month unless I cancelled within 30 days. Well I immediately called to find out how this was related to the Smart Shopper Savings plan since it was all presented to me at the same time and found out that they (leisure time) had charged me for a month of using their service already. "Using" being defined as signing up by phone and being granted an account number to a website which had never been logged in to.
    I asked for a refund and the person refused and kept telling me that I authorized this and I said I thought I cancelled that membership last month. Then he said that I was or could have been offered SIX (6) DIFFERENT services in that initial phone call. I called my bank to dispute the charges and I have cancelled my husband's debit card because after a little research it appears that cancelling doesn't always stop the charges. WHO KNOWS how many other bogus and fraudulent companies are going to try and charge us membership fees for web services we never signed up for. The company lists itself with PO boxes in Arizona and in Michigan, and the parent company shows up as Synergy Ltd in MALTA. I intend to report this to the Federal Trade Commission and the Better Business Bureau and whoever else I can take this to because I want these kind of scammers put out of business.
    Anyone else affected by this - don't be embarassed that you were cheated - they had no business calling you with your credit card number in the first place.

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