Smart Move Auto / Dishonest Company

LEMON!!! Car not starting... Promises to Repair... Nothing Done but programming a key!!...
Then more promises to give me a replacement... Nothing Done... still driving and having to pay for a car that all too often will not start for whatever reason... because Smart Move doesnt seem to know or care what the real problem is.. just told me that the key was not programmed correctly. BS!!!.. Because even after they programmed the key, the car still does not start at times, which I've told them. Then they tell me they will take it back and put me in another car, but then 2 days later, now I hear it's not up to them, it's up to the other managers.
Buying this car from Smart Move has been a nothing but a huge pain. I wish I'd read the complaints about this company before I made the mistake of giving these people my hard earned money. And unfortunately, I dont have the best credit, so I was limited to the places (car dealerships) that I would've approved me. But in any case, if I'm paying for a car, I certainly expect it to start every time!!
Not to even mention the other issues with the car that I've brought to their attention that they just dismissed. I am a single woman and because of that, I feel that they are taking advantage. I dont expect I'd be getting the same runaround if I were a man. This is an awful, dishonest company and I would NOT RECOMMEND Smart Move Auto to anyone!!

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