Smart ABC ltd / Paint mix System error

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NOTSOSMARTABC: Nick Bicknell has always made it out that it is only YOU that is at fault and it is your errors that have made it go wrong and everyone else is doing it right... We now know the truth... They have told lies and misrepresented the truth to sell a product that is very hit and miss.
The Depont paint web site states that errors in colour matching can occur when mixing small amounts, like that of a smart repair.Also can the amounts that these small mixes require realy be done from a dropper bottle ?... if you have a realy steady hand the best you might be able to manage is a guess at half a drop !!!... and this may well be well over the 0.01 etc that the mix requires.This could mean you have added many times more than you needed to get a currect / close match...So even if you mix it again because you need more or as happens the customer is not happy you will never get the same mix amounts again... so much for the guarateed colour match each and every time.
I have heard it said that the best customers are the elderly as they dont look that close and many have bad eye sight !... how wrong can you get...
As for the times of the repairs "Most in under an hour"... I now for a fact that many out there are cutting corners to speed up thier repair times.
For your information SMART ABC HQ have withdrawn the quick quote system as no one was signing up for it.
The well hyped call center has been stopped and any enquiries now go to HQ at kidderminster for anyone passing the phone to answer.


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