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Stopped trading as a Smart franchisee in Jan this year as couldn't make the system work for several reasons, anyway returned my van and equipment to Smart in the hope they could pass the van lease on to a new franchise on, however Nick Bicknell gave the van to a new franchisee (lives in Banbury, Oxfordshire) who could'nt get finance from Mercedes Charterway without my knowledge!!!. I only found out when I contacted Nick to say that I'd had enough and I was coming to get the van and return it to Mercedes. Anyway as this was a way to get my Contract Hire monthly payments covered I went along with this. But the new franchisee has just given me hassle after hassle and each month had to chase him for the monthly payment as he never set up the standing order for as set out in the agreement that I sent him and that he never signed. Anyway decided enough is enough and told him I was coming to repossess the van. On the morning of me repossessing van phone me to say he won't be in and leaves spare key under bin. I get there to find that he has completely stripped out the van right back to the removal of the internal panelling that the van left the factory with; also removing the customised racking and all-weather awning which are part of the Contract Hire Agreement. I didn't do anything to him to deserve this, he has just done this to get back at Nick and James Bicknell as he hasn't been paying them also for the last couple of months.

This is now in the hands of the police as a case of criminal damage and theft.

Thanks for reading this and any info on the whereabouts of my Mercedea Vito racking and retractable awning would be gratefully received as I now can't return the van in its original condition and configuration and will be hit severely by financial penalties by Charterway even more so than if the van was in the proper condition.


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