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They scammed me in telling me they are grant writers who guarantee me $100, 000 in grants to start my business. To get the process started they would need $2600 and upon grant rewarded they would need the balance of $3700. They did nothing but take $2600 from me and now I call them and they are nowhere to be found. Their phone kept ringing and no one answers. I checked the BBB and it states they are out of business.


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      Sep 23, 2009

    Small Business Funding Company also took my $2600 with promises of receiving a grant. I called them every month from October 2008 until they did not answer the phone in June of 2009. Out of the blue in Sept. 2009 I received a telephone call from SMALL BUSINESS FUNDING SERVICES located on Eastern Ave. in Las Vegas and was told that Small Business Funding Company was shut down!!! Samll Business Funding SERVICES had some of our information and said that grants were available - all we had to do was send them $5995 to complete paper work.

    This is also a SCAM!!!

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      Oct 15, 2009

    In 2008 I was contacted By Small Business Funding Company and I also paid $2600. After completing their paper work and sometime later I received a package with a request for consideration letter supposedly sent to the potential corporations giving grants. I was then contacted by SBFC where they informed me that I would need a very comprehensive business plan for which they would complete and it would cost $10K, they would however do for $6300. I regarded it as a lesson and declined.

    To date 10/16/09, I have been contacted by Small Business Funding, Inc and given the same story regarding the previous company's demise and how they will do me the favor of $4500 for the business plan. I simply asked for proof that they had procured grants for business's, that I could not write a check until I was satisfied. The gentleman's response was quick, Thanks, Bye.

    I would like to add that in the initial conversations I was told that no references could be provided based on privacy. I told them that should we do business and I received a grant I would give them a reference so as to assure others that they were legitimate. In my opinion any business which cannot or will not provide PROOF of their fulfilling the terms of the agreement is either A. So new they do not have any yet, B. So well known they do not need to, C. Lying cheating and stealing your hard earned money
    You can decide for yourself.
    I am a real person not selling another product. I am not disgruntled; I willingly gave them the money the first time. I am a business owner in Idaho. And should you like to contact me you may. If I can help others not waist their time or money I will do so.
    Chris Foster, Owner Command Performance LLC
    Nampa, ID [protected]

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      Mar 19, 2010

    Thank You Chris,

    I too was contacted this Morning by Small business funding services, inc. of 5642 Eastern Ave., Suite G Las Vegas Nevada 89119.

    The conversation went something like this when I called them back. I'm sorry but Mike Henderson is just coming back from a board meeting with the investors. (lie #1) In the message on my phone he stated to make sure I talk with him and only him. ( he wants his commission off me).

    He began to ramble on and on about how Small Business Funding Co. went out of business because one of the owners caught the spouse cheating and they divided up the assets and the wife got the company and did not know what she was doing, so they now have the company. He faxed me loads of paper work and stated that since the old company had folded the would need to retain another 2600.00 as a good faith procurement for their services. Who new a phone call to steal my money costs $2600.00. and the rest they would take out on the back end. He stated that they had been working on my business proposal for 7 months. I told him they are not getting another dime. I told him if you bought the company you also bought the problems.

    I searched the internet, Better business bureau, and multiple other sites to find that they are virtually non existent. That is its self should bring up RED FLAGS!!! They are scam artists. I am expecting to hear from them on Monday, I will have multiple questions for them this time let's see how they like it. I will be contacting the media next because he stated that Hawaii Business is on their list right now, and If I can help some people not to get scammed I'm all in. Do Not Give them Your Money.

    Rule of thumb #1 Search your local state for funding, not a place you cannot go into their office and check for legitimacy. Never put up large sums of money upfront for a FREE Grant. Grants are not easy to acquire it takes a lot of work a business proposal and a team in some cases to get this done, people just do not release money unless they research you first and your company.

    Rule Number 2 Search Government sites in your area for funding

    Rule #3 check Scam Reports on line

    Rule #4 Check for a business license and check Better business bureau for complaints.

    Good luck everyone Lorraine - ussi.[protected]

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      Sep 01, 2010

    If you want recourse and to find the people who lied and stole your money and then shut their doors only to open up a new scam shop under a new company and shelf corporation. They open and close grant fraud companies, Small Business Funding, then Corporate Capital [protected], then Quid Corp [protected] and Now Compass National [protected]

    Some of the employees use fake names
    Mike Jones uses alias - Mike Glasier
    Mark Jones uses many different alias name such as Mark Andrews and Todd Mathews

    Bobby Fusco & Cody Christianson are the ring leaders of the the grant fraud companies.

    The Corporate Capital Team or what's left of them are at 3 locations
    2 are at
    2920 N. Green Valley Parkway, Buiding 8 (one of the scam boiler rooms signs says The viking group)
    Henderson, NV 89014

    Quid Corp
    9089 S. Pecos, Suite 3600
    Henderson, NV 89074

    Compass National (many formers Quid employee scammers are at this location Todd Mathews & Mike Glasier & Bobby Fusco, Summer West)
    8915 S. Pecos Road, Suite 20
    Henderson, NV 89074

    Tell me scammers if you have been in business since 1999 why do you only have proof of business location for your phone boiler room since Novemeber. Liars, thieves and unethical scammers who are frauding innocent hard working people. How do you look in the mirror?

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  •   Jan 28, 2011

    Small Business Funding has opened a new scam company called Inner Circle Corp. Please post what these scammers did to you on my complaint.

    They contact victims and lie and CLAIM to have the ability to get your business thousands of dollars in Grant Funding!

    PLEASE be aware that it is a SCAM! There are several fraud companies in the state of Nevada posing as a grant servicing companies or non-profits and Inner Circle Corp is one of them.

    Please call the STOP GRANT FRAUD HOTLINE at [protected] for more information or to report the company that contacted you!

    The scam is simple, they tell you they can help your business get thousands of dollars in grants but ONLY if you pay them a RETAINER fee.

    Mike Jones has been opening and closing grant scam companies for a long time! Please go to /link removed/ and view report #509426 and report # 684941 and report#489739.

    The 20 plus years of experience they CLAIM to have is experience in Grant Scam Boiler Rooms, where they take retainers for services they NEVER provide! Please report these scammers to the STOP GRANT FRAUD HOTLINE [protected] or send an email to [protected] or [protected]

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