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SlyKat/City Kidz Entertainment / Con Artists

1 Miami, FL, United States Review updated:
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SlyKat aka Tiwan Harrell is a con artist who preys on wealthy men and women to invest in his record company with him as the feature artist. He has conned hundreds of thousands of dollars from different investors and he and his accomplices are very sneaky and provide a very professional demeanor and business plan. Beware and do not do business with him or anyone associated with him. He does have some legit credentials but he is not what he makes himself out to be and he will use anyone who is willing to help until there is nothing left to give. Stay away from City Kidz Entertainment and SlyKat!

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  • Ce
      26th of May, 2009
    +1 Votes

    If he's conned that much money from people. Are all of them suing him?

  • Js
      26th of May, 2009
    +1 Votes

    There are many who are seeking legal action.

  • Ni
      27th of May, 2009
    +2 Votes

    Yeah, you are so on poin about him. I know him personally and how he opperates. He will do and say anything to get you to trust him and then give him money. He uses desperate women with money pretending to be in love with them to get them to western union money to him or buy him plane tickets. He'll give you a title such as being his "publicist" or something and prendend like he's so close to blowing up as a huge rapper telling you to check out his credentials on his myspace page. The truth is, he hasnt accomplished anything since 2005. He always be the rapper that almost made it but never did or will. He lies about his age because 28 and trying to make it sounds alittle better than the truth which is he's 33 and still aint made it and has nothing to fall back on so he has to scam people for a place to live rent free, money to live off of since he has no income what so ever and money to buy clothes so he wont look homeless when he's scamming people and getting women at his little shows when he finds a bar or club owner to scam into allowing him to throw a show or party. Once he's off stage he's looking for his victims, getting there phone numbers, telling them he's affiliated with universal/warner records and if they belive it he gets them one way or another. You can check his criminal record an the Miami
    Dade county criminal case dockets page where it shows his real age (33) and the big bad misdemeamor charges he's had. He's such a con man, he turns it on and off and is always looking for his next victim in the clubs, bars and casinos. He will speak very proper and elequently like a true businessman. All pimps have charm and good game, he just found a way to use those skills on normal people instead of hookers so don't fall for it. He moves state to state city to city until the word is out like it got out in san antonio which is why he left there. He couldnt get and interview on a radio station without them asking about all the rumors about him being a con artist. All he wanted to discuss was his music but they wanted to discuss the rumors in town. He didn't like it so he left here and moved to Vegas. DO NOT TRUST him or anyone affiliated with him. Ladies beware, he's not in love with you. In my OPINION he's an undercover ###. I truly believe that but I still say it's my opinion because I don't want to be lying since I've never seen him sleep with a man, I just may be wrong. but I highly doubt it.

  • Js
      27th of May, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I guess that about sums it up Nikki! If you know where he is in Vegas or how to contact him, that would be helpful to many of us who are trying to locate him. He is being investigated by the FBI and any information you can give us will be forwarded to them. Thank you for posting y0ur knowledge. Hopefully, some people will read this and be the wiser.

  • Bo
      27th of May, 2009
    +1 Votes

    yes indeed! I have the FBI on his behind! the idiot opened up an account using my credentials but he opened it up in his name... A FED EX ACCOUNT! Talk about stupid criminals. He also stole my crecit card and the idiot (again) purchased airline tix an a WiFi account and they traced them all down! He is under federal charges...Las Vegas...LOOK OUT!!

  • Me
      11th of Jun, 2009
    0 Votes

    I think most people don't really know what a good heart he has and are basically bitter cause they weren't able to be manipulate him in any personal or business motive themselves. The guy i know met me in san marcos after doing one of the biggest music conferences in the world "south by southwest". I was homeless at the time and he took me under his wing for 7 months, helped me get groomed, paid my rent, lifted my spirits, and got me on my feet. Months later, when i went to revisit him he had another person in the same similiar situation as me that he was taking care of...As far as a person there were several situations where he has reached out to people on a consistent basis. As an artist, he is not only amazingly talented, but he's one of the most humble guys that i know. He's not egotistical at all and is loved by many more than he is hated...
    I think he might have made mistakes in his life, but as a person i see a guy that wants to be better in all facets of his life. His work ethic is unbelievable, and he has accomplished a whole lot since 2005 believe me. Every day that i was with him he was recieving good news for his music it was amazing. This is a guy that has had over a million downloads, #41 on billboard for a song with hardly any financial backing, has gone to cities and has been the premiere artist in every city he has been at...including Texas. Not just that personal stuff, but honestly, his music created a bigger buzz in Texas than some artists that lived there all their life. All this FBI talk is insane, there's people that are way more worst than the guy and honestly I think you guys are mad because you offered your kindness for other motives and once he took your offers you didn't get what you wanted from him...It's terrible when people offer you things just to get something and when they don't get it they start saying "well i did this for you and that for you"...Get a life. Leave the guy alone...he's accomplished more than you guys have...Take care melvin.

  • Ni
      18th of Jun, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I disagree. Slykat has a big heart and is a up front man. You need to get a life! You men/women gave Slykat that money etc.. because you wanted to. He did not break your arm for it. So get a life ! Quit disliking on him. He has a lot of talent and is a good person.

  • Bo
      22nd of Jun, 2009
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  • Kn
      15th of Jul, 2009
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    It's obvious these people are so jealous of "Slykat" and his accomplishments...They probably are in his field and wanting a piece of him at one time and wasn't able to have him locked in to some deal...For what I know he's a good dude, he's extremely humble, and he has helped so many artists out here in the West Coast it's amazing...Before he came out here no one was trying to do local showcases in major casinos...Everybody thought it was impossible...He came here for a few months and now has created places throughout the city where artists can perform on a major level not just some hood ###...

    I tip my hat to him because if he was so selfish he wouldn't involve other artists like us to get his shine.

  • Ed
      27th of Jul, 2009
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    I am a writer, reporter and editor in chief of a local music newspaper in San Antonio, Texas. I had the experience of knowing SlyKat for a few years while he did his thing San Antonio. I personally know several people he owes money to, read the contracts, heard the conversations, read the texts, seen the bank statements & police reports... cause remember... i am a reporter... this is my job.

    In August of 07 I interviewed Sly. The interview was published in SA Urban newspaper. Today I learned about the COMPLAIN BOARD through a friend and read all the postings. Amazing.

    I blogged about all this and included in its entirety, the SlyKat interview. If you have questions about this cat... then you should read it. If you haven't been burned by him yet... read it now and learn a little something before getting into bed with him.

    Yes I have run into a few people who do think he is just a great guy, and I have also sat with numerous people, seen their pain and hardship and tears. His name says it all people... learn lol.


    Sherril Metal
    Viva Las Vegas!

  • Sl
      28th of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    Well reading these complaints has left me in disbelief and I'm in shock! I'm here in Vegas and he is a "smooth operator" no doubt! Being a female, and watching his female "groupies" when he's at Mcfaddens, is quite interesting. Some are very protective and downright ###. But Tiwan is a really, really, nice guy. And those who gave him money, screwed him, or whatever else they did. They did this knowing that he's making a living by using people. Cmon, to be stupid enough to think he's getting a steady paycheck and making money off his cd's is just plain dumb. But so what! Maybe someday he'll get signed, maybe he won't. Maybe he'll end up with some wealthy woman who doesn't give a damn! Let me tell you something, karma is a ###. What you do unto others does come back to bite you. I for one will not be riding that coattail.

  • No
      3rd of Aug, 2009
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    This is unbelievable me reading these complaints when i personally have been dealing with Slykat since he has been in vegas and have seen nothing but a great guy trying to make things happen...Im sure none of these people that have made complaints aren't perfect and if they had accomplish as much as Slykat has coming from where he's from they would have a complaint board as well. From what i know, Slykat has helped so many people including a 75 year old dude name big pops in Vegas and even gave him a place to stay for 2 months rent free.. He was the same guy that financed several acts to come with him and do a show in cali for leukemia charity benefit concert a few weeks ago. He does parties throughout the United States and gives local artists the chance to shine...

    And its funny, reading that interview, it sounds so one-sided, and not fair that Sly didn't get a chance to defend himself or explain his side of the story...This type of slandering is something that can be thrown at that publication...for them to still sensationalize that particular interview considering the date the interview was done...Sounds to me someone who works at the newspaper is hating on's definitely an inside job going on...There's so much going on in the world and they want to target Slykat for godsake...
    He must have been the most talented artist to hit San Antonio in a long time...

    The irony of the whole thing is he even dedicated a song to the girls of San Antonio giving them praise...I never heard of any artist doing that nor reppin' San Antonio the way he did and he wasn't even from there...

    I know one thing, God forgives all, and if any of those accusations are true, God will take care of him...but watch out cause those that are not forgiving God can take care of you as well...Leave the man alone...Find something else to focus on and look at the good Sly is doing...unfortunately you will never know until he becomes a superstar...

    That i know he has the potential to be...

    Keep doing ya thing Sly...these people haven't even sat down with you and got to know the real guy...Animosity is a mother[censored].

  • In
      4th of Aug, 2009
    +1 Votes

    What the f..k! Single woman please be aware that this guy Slykat will use you and get rid of you just like that!! Please read these complaints and be smart not stupid! He'll spend money on you in the beginning, then he'll tell you how beautiful you are and that he "LOVES" you. He'll throw that word around enough and screw you so that your vulnerable. He's not only sleeping with you but every female that comes to his parties, females he's met in California, and Las Vegas. And plenty more that he hasn't met yet. Yes, he used me to! I haven't talked to him in awhile but I want to warn other woman. He's burning bridges both in Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Not to many citites to go after that. He may have to go out of the country because its all catching up. Slykat may be nearing his last nine lives. I feel sorry for him. NOT!!!

    Its very scary. SlyKat watch out for Aids, and other diseases! YUCK!! Thats his scam!!! He does not have any money!! He sleeps with woman who will give him everything the above complaints mentioned. I wish I was as good as him but Slykat is not that smart. This Kat is in his mid thirties not 28! He's going to be so washed up and he's old now with nothing to fall back on but some female who will pay for everything he needs. Think about it? Single woman is that what you want? He has no money! So your going to take care of him because he's nice?

    And plus, I have no respect for a man that does not take care of his kid or kids financially. If he's in love with you ask to see his bank account. Where is all the money going that he gets? Does he have a car? Where does he live? He should have some apartment. His name should be on the lease. Ask to see it. Hell, he's telling you he loves you right? Thats being responsible. This man is not responsible!! Why is he picking up poor men and woman off the streets to help them? He should keep the money his scamming and save it! Maybe there helping him scam as well. How sick is that? SlyKat needs to stop using money from innocent people to help him financially and his poor ### friends. City Kidz Entertainment and SlyKat is a scam!! Watch out!

  • B0
      5th of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    City Kidz Entertainment and the people who work for this company are a bunch of con artist. Watch out for the biggest scammer and con artist of all time Slykat! Females please be aware. You've been warned girls!

  • Re
      6th of Aug, 2009
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    Wow, yall really trying to put the man down he aint scamming nobody with nothing and if he is getting with women that's his personal business...So what every man in the world that is single have affairs with women...I think women might become bitter when he wants to move on...Aint nothing wrong with that..he's single...he has the free choice to do that...just like im sure most women had the free choice to help him financially or not...

    It's not like he selling a product that doesn't work or he has a talent that's not credible...All of his accolades are very much credible and so what if his age is really whatever age...


  • Sl
      8th of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    Hey real chick!

    I think what people are trying to say is: If Slykat wants to be a male hoar which he obviously is then so be it! But he needs to STOP telling women he LOVES them! That is such a powerful word to say and use on vulnerable females. If he wants to screw married women, thats scary. I would watch out for jealous husbands. He is performing in public places and I would hate to see him BLOWN away by some husband/boyfriend/vulnerable females/soon to be sleeping with females...etc, etc.

    He just never knows what psychotic person and especially one that he's dating, proclaming to love for a week or two, is going to do. THIS IS A WARNNG TIWAN!!!

    Grow up Tiwan! Be honest with your intentions, and find another outlet for money instead of sleeping with a woman and then asking for a load of money afterward.

    Slykats life is a chaotic mess. And like i said in my previous post I got hurt really, really bad by him. I don't want to see that happen to another sweet girl.

  • No
      8th of Aug, 2009
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    its crazy to see how obsessed these people who complain are with slykat as if they are all still in love or something... i think these people that waste time worrying about slykat need to grow up as well...

    life is too short to be putting all this energy on somebody who may have done some negative things but could have managed to make huge improvements in his life...

    and honestly and truthful whoever said he's washed up thats the most ridiculous statement...his music is amazing and his new single features lil wayne...

    honestly and truthfully he is literally just one step away from being the biggest new hip hop artist in the world and especially coming out of Miami.

    and the sad thing is you guys know that deep in your heart and you want to try and ruin him...

    how does that make you guys good?

    that makes a hypocrite to me.

  • No
      8th of Aug, 2009
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  • No
      8th of Aug, 2009
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    Posted: 2009-08-08 by nothypocrite


    Complaint Rating:
    Company information:
    San Antonio, Texas
    United States

    This "wanna be" media newspaper is a complete joke. They have no money and the only way they are able to get any attention for their paper is to slander people's name. The editor of the newspaper is a very two-faced person who interviews artists and then edits any necessary detail that should be included in the article just to sensationalize the story. WARNING: ANY ARTIST OR SPONSOR DO NOT DEAL WITH SA URBAN NEWSPAPER. THEY HAVE MODELED THEIR COMPANY LIKE A NATIONAL ENQUIRER. AND YOU GUYS KNOW HOW ### THAT PAPER IS ABSOLUTELY NO TRUTH. The owner of the paper Chuck is a pretty cool guy, however, he has recruited some unprofessional people who have no experience in journalism and who"s views are bias and based on their personal relationships they have with people. THIS NEWSPAPER WILL NEVER BE ANYTHING IF THEY CONTINUE TO REPORT STORIES WITH ABSOLUTELY NO VALIDITY AND SUBSTANCE. TALK ABOUT WHAT'S GOING ON IN SAN ANTONIO URBAN SCENE AND LIVE UP TO YOUR NAME. GET MORE IN DEPTH WITH YOUR MUSIC AND STOP PROMOTING THESE TASTELESS STORIES THAT US ARTISTS IN SAN ANTONIO DOESN'T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT...WE DON'T WANT TO HEAR ABOUT "SLYKAT" AND HIS PERSONAL PROBLEMS...WE WANT TO HEAR ABOUT OUR ARTISTS HERE IN SAN ANTONIO AND THE POLITICS THAT EXIST HERE. That's why San Antonio hasn't made it on a national level as for music...because of weak publications like Sa Urban.

    Yall step your game up...yall like to sensationalize ### when you guys need to be figuring out how to make your newspaper better. Thank God its free cause i never would buy it...

    Would you?

  • Sl
      10th of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    Wow, im a local artist from San Antonio and I know exactly the truth on this as well...
    I also know that most of this comes from a lot of personal b.s. people had towards Slykat...I mean when he came to San Antonio I think he was the biggest thing to hit the scene...
    I know Slykat is a good brother and whatever differences he has he will make it better with those that have opposed...

    Keep ya head up Sly and remember this is only the beginning when you are about to do great things...

    People always tries to bring down a brother when they are not part of something...

    It seems to me they are alot of jealous people with a lot of animosity towards you...

    I remember that story in SA Urban and it was one of the malicious stories I read the way they targeted you and try to shed so much negativity against you.

    I cant believe a publication would go that low to report things that nobody had any business about knowing...

    It was very unprofessional...

    But I guess it brought hype to their newspaper...

    You will make it...your music is awesome and I am a true fan of what you did musically as well as what you did for San Antonio...

    San Antonio girls are the best in the world!!!

    Take care.

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