slimtabscompany cheats

I ordered a free 14-day trial of Slimtabs over the Internet on October 25, 2008. I had to give my credit card information for "shipping" charges of $3.95. On November 5, 2008 my credit card was charged for $29.95 for a diet consultation which I had never requested. I looked on the website ( for the customer service number and called it. They gave me a refund for $29.95. On November 10 they shipped the free sample which I could try for "free" for 14 days. By now it was day 16 on the day the free trial product was shipped. It arrived at my home about 5 days later. The regular product was shipped on November 15, and also arrived about 5 days later. Meanwhile, my credit card was charged on November 17 for $89.31, the price of a month's supply of the regular product. I tried to call the number on the website and on the "free" product receipt to cancel and get a refund, but the number I got on the Internet site said it was a wrong number. The number on the receipt was a recording to call at a later time. I called later at the time specified on the recording, but I got the same recording. I sent an e mail to the Slimtabs website, but they did not respond. I went to my bank, canceled this credit card, and got a new card with a different number to solve this problem. However, the bank called the number given on my credit card with this withdrawal. They were told that I could ship the product back, but I could not get a refund...My advice is to not do business with this company. Ever. If anyone knows a way for me to get a refund of $89.31, please let me know. I am a student on a limited budget. Fort Collins Student

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