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We bought a Sealy’s Plush Gentle Tide bed that is supposed to have a 10 year warranty on it. The bed started sinking in the middle within 6 months but at first it was not affecting us but several months later it started to affect our sleep and was making a loud squeaking noise. We went into a Sleepy’s store about and the representative told us on worries we have a 10 year warranty on the bed. At the time we were going through our own personal situation so once things calmed down we contacted Sleepy’s customer service and had someone come out to assess our bed.

The man came to evaluate our bed and said it was sinking and the sound was coming from the sinking mattress. He wrote up his report and concluded that we need a new mattress. So they send us a credit for the mattress only. Our only option was to exchange the bed for a new one as there was no mattress with in their credit price.

When we called about the exchange we were informed we had to pay a deliver cost of almost $90, for their defective product. We were able to get them bring the price down to $55. The delivery guys come in with an attitude problem; they throw our mattress onto the ground and hold it up to the window. He starts inspecting the mattress and finds one small not visual to the eye yellow discoloration on the mattress. He says needs to call Sleepy’s about this problem; I said what problem are you talking about? He just walks out of our apartment. Sleepy’s immediate calls our phone. They proceed to tell me that they can not take the mattress back due what they called a blemish. I told him the inspector found no stains and said it was a faulty bed that started sinking. The supervisor Jerome Jones in the Delivery Department said there was nothing he could do about it. I said this man came in looking for a problem; he did not inspect it for the fault he just threw it on the ground looking for any problem he could find.

We have had a mattress cover on the mattress since day one, there is no way we could have caused a stain. Maybe the stain came from the sweaty delivery guys that delivered initially or the inspector who took it off the box spring and put it on the floor. So now we wasted our value time to deal with a company that never intended on exchanging their faulty product. I have had two other Sealy beds and not one of them ever sank, this is an obvious defect. We spent good money to have a well known brand that was backed by a warranty and quality products. Instead we endured the worst customer service in America, I sometimes wonder if this is a foreign company because it has no customer service. And the only reason they keep expanding and profiting is because they are selling faulty, already used, cheap beds at extremely inflated price. They have no regard for the consumer, so do not fall for their conniving sales people because once there is a problem they will not be so nice.

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  • Ne
      Jul 24, 2009

    they pulled the same scam on me - luckily - i had purchased a mattress cover that guaranteed against stains - and sleepys made me go thru the mattress cover company for the refund - but just like you - the bed "sunk" and was obviously defective

    Sleepys is a completely dis-reputable company - lots of other places to deal with for the same pice

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  • An
      Aug 07, 2011

    I HAVE THE EXACT SAME PROBLEM NOW WITH SLEEPYS! ALLEGED STAIN and would not honor warranty. What avenues ddi you take to resolve. I spent $1800 and the mattress is only 5 years old. HELP!

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