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1 4400 NW 72nd Ave, Miami, FL 33166, Miami, FL, United States
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I brought my car to S.L. Tire&Auto Center 4 Inc. due to lit engine light. The ME Rober told me of the temperature sensor malfunction. He replaced it with a new one, cost me $130. After 10 days, the engine light came back on, so I brought it back to the store. This time Robert told me of the radiator fan motor malfunction. I brought him the part the other day. I could still drive the car to the store; there were no leaks and the car drove fine. After Robert took out the fan, he informed me by phone of the “good & bad news.” “BAD” was that the radiator itself is now also broken-it was supposedly leaking really badly, but the “good” was that he would charge me a total of $180 for the labor of both the radiator’s fan motor and the radiator itself. There was no invoice or any written notes provided by the store. I brought the new part to them the other day. On 04/18/2012 16:24, the female owner- Yaima De La Paz called me to pick up the car. I came to pay the previously agreed $180 for the labor on both the replacement. At this time, for the first time, Yaima showed me the invoice. Written in two different ink colors were the charges $130 for the fan motor labor and $180 for the radiator labor. I tried to tell her that the previously agreed price was $180 total, but she strongly disagreed. She loudly screamed that it was $331.7 total. She kept pointing threateningly at my face and pounding the desk as she screamed. She then tried to forcefully take my car keys from my hand, saying that if I didn’t pay the total, I would never get my car back. I tried to calmly explain again that I have no problem paying the previously agreed $180, but that I would not pay the $130. By then, she walked out from behind the desk and tried to forcefully take my car keys again. I was scared of being attacked, so I ran to my car. She and at least 4 men ran after me. After I closed the car door, she yanked it back open and robed my key, and started to beat my left forearm that was holding the key.

S.L. Tire & Auto Center IV Inc
S.L. Tire & Auto Center IV Inc
S.L. Tire & Auto Center IV Inc

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