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Skywatch Publications / Abuse towards customers

1 Corus Christi, TX, United States Review updated:
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The owner and writer of Skywatch Publications, a monthly astrological timing guide, has taken it upon himself to horrifically verbally abuse some of his customers when they can't afford to buy some of his 'services'. I have a friend that had talked to him about having a chart done, and when it turned out that she, a disabled person of 16 years who is on disability, had to cancel her chart after the enormous recent increases in her utility bills, he sent her several emails telling her she was PATHETIC, SELF-CENTERED, etc and actually called her an artistic [censored]er! This is a woman who has been struggling valantly with multiple health problems for nearly 2 decades and has nearly died several times! This man, Lance Ferguson, also has a radio talk show on a few mornings with a San Francisco station - he acts like such a nice guy, but in truth he abuses those in contact with him when he can not get the money out of them he wants! And on his website, he misleads people into thinking that he's person friends with Tiger Woods and posts that he taught at the University of Texas. He does not indicate that the single course he taught was a NON CREDIT continuing course (like how to grow tomatoes) of a few hours in astrology - a subject that is not even part of the regular university! This charlatan needs to be called out for what he is: a person who falsely misleads people, is money grabbing, and horribly abusive to customers when they can not afford his 'services', especially the disabled and women.

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  • Ma
      23rd of Jul, 2008
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    I found the owner of this publication to be abusive too. He's really nice and then turns on a dime. Jekel and Hyde. Has never refunded my canceled subscription. I finally gave up. Thank god he's moved out of Austin. What a jerk.

  • Le
      26th of Jan, 2009
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    Yeah...he really needs the money. I' paid him hundreds of have my chart done...and to have a compatibility chart done. I also subscribed to his a subscription for my sis, too.
    As an astrologer, I'd give him a C. His readings were sent to me on a cassette...and I could tell he was reading from other materials...a LOT. I didn't call him on it at the time because I considered him a friend.

    He let personal feelings get in the way a few too many times. So, I cancelled my subscription and ceased all personal contact with him.

    I learned a hard lesson, but it was necessary.

  • Lu
      16th of Jul, 2014
    +1 Votes

    I had the same bad experience with Mr Lance Ferguson a few years ago.

    I contacted him for a personal astrology reading which was to cost me $150. He emailed back that he would send the reading on a cassette. I asked that he record on a CD as I didn't own a cassette player anymore. After all, it was 2010; my car didn't even have a cassette player! He got irate, much more than the situation called for in my opinion, told me I should buy a cassette player on Ebay. I could not believe how angry he got about the whole thing. He implied I was unreasonable and demanding to expect a CD even though cassettes were essentially obsolete by this time.

    Really, I think he was upset that he was so technologically inept. I realized then I was dealing with a cranky old man.

  • He
      26th of Feb, 2016
    -2 Votes

    Just to be fair, I have known Lance by subscribing to his Skywatch for 25 years, had my chart done several times, and am enjoying his monthly outlook on what the universe has in store for us. Many times, he has been so right about the "great picture" meaning storms, and upheaval etc.
    So say that one has a bad experience a few years ago, post on line, it's unfair- these postings are there forever so better think about what you say about someone else. And if he is a cranky old man- so be it- he has earned it...not that I would know if he is old or not. If you do not like him - just do not
    read his Skywatch, not necessary to drag him thru the mud!

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