skywalkerboard / hoverboards paid for and never delivered / unethical behavior

1 hong kong, Hong Kong
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I and several other people (at least 5) ordered hoverboards in November for Christmas presents. It was promised they would be delivered by December 25th, but as of today (12/31/2015) they have STILL NOT ARRIVED. This company provided tracking numbers that never changed status of Label Created, and have continually lied about the status of where the boards are. Horrible customer service and so disappointing that this company took our money (almost $400.00) and have still not delivered ANYTHING. I will personally NEVER order anything directly from China again, and thought you should know that this company is a terrible representative for how business is done in China. I am only speaking for myself here, but the company customer service cc:d me for some reason on correspondence with other users in the same situation, so i have seen their disgust and disappointment after paying for their board and still not receiving it.

Dec 31, 2015

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