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Skymax Group Inc. / Terrible experience!

1 San Antonio, TX, United States
Contact information:

This is to let everyone know about Skymax Group Inc. and what they are really doing. I received a call saying they were very interested in my resume and that I had so many skills and they wanted to interview me. I have just graduated from UTSA with a degree in Business Administration so I thought it could be a place where I could start my career. I was told I was selected from 30 people and that I should dress 'business casual' to the second interview. I put on a tie and was hoping it would be a reputable company.

In the beginning, I was skeptical because of their ads. They did not look like they were written by a HR Generalist or Manager with an MBA, but more like a high school senior. The ad said things like, 'somebody stole my stapler, ' what kind of rubbish is that? At the second interview, there were about 10 other people there and from the way they were dressed things did not look good, it looked like I was applying at McDonald's. Still, the manager said they are expanding quickly and kept complimenting my resume like I was some kind of CEO of a Fortune 500 company.

The second interview was a 'field' interview. I did not know what was going to happen until my interviewer explained it, a little too late for me to back out. He was a DOOR TO DOOR SALESMAN, not a business professional, not an, 'Account Executive, ' and we would spend the rest of the afternoon bothering people to buy cable with AT&T. He had a 'pitch' that he would give the customers when they opened the door and tried to get them to switch. You have to go in your own car, it is 100% commission, and all you get is a printout of what houses to hit.

At lunch, my interviewer explained his credentials. He had never been to college, was working as an unskilled laborer for several years, and seemed very unprofessional; he was looking forward to getting drunk on the weekend.

At the end of the interview, I wanted to go home, this interview was ridiculous and a ripoff; this is not a real job that you have to go to college for, this is for 18 year olds that like to watch cable TV (via AT&T). This interview wasted my day, you don't need leadership or marketing or management skills for this, you don't need to go to college for 5 years and get 2 degrees like I did, you just need to be able to ask...

'Hi Mr. Smith, we just did some work on the utility poles in your neighborhood, maybe you noticed all the trucks around here (even though we're in Texas) did you get the literature we sent you? (lol, literature what the truck) No? Oh no sir, not at all, we are not selling anything. (liar) Well you're in luck because we replaced all the copper wiring with fiber optic wiring. It's only to a select group of houses, you are the only one on the block. You know what that means? It means you can get internet at the speed of light (he didn't even know what a Megabit was) and HDTV, even without an HD capable TV! (apparently the 1080dpi resolution and HDMI wiring required for a HD set just magically appears on a CRT tube TV!) So, how much are you paying on your internet? $55, And cable? $60, how about your phone? $50, 165! Wow, that's a lot! Yeah, they are using fiber optic cables in Japan and Europe ALREADY we're just catching up, and oh yeah, it's all digital (God I hope they don't have door to door salesmen in Germany and Japan, this guy probably thinks Japan is next to Hawaii). Well we can switch you over to AT&T at no obligation (before we install it, then you are stuck) and you can get it all for less, I bet I can save you $30 to $50 'bucks' a month! We're just going around setting up appointments, here use my phone, and we'll get you all squared away.'


-We forgot to mention that you have to call Time Warner, Dish Network, Grande, whoever and cancel the service yourself;
-You have to mail the modem and cable boxes back, hope they don't mess up your credit, not like it's gonna hurt us;
-Oh by the way, you may have to get on your roof to remove the dish;
-You may have to pay to cancel your existing contract;
-Your email address is invalidated if its with Time Warner, screwed if its tied to Ebay or Bank of America;
-You'll have to start using AT&T's modem and undo a mess of wires behind your computer and TV;
-You can't get HDTV without HDMI cables, hope you have some lying around;
-We'll need to do a complete background check on you, what's your social? --And by the way, we can't quote you the price with taxes.;
-AT&T has notoriously bad customer service and long hold times, hope you are patient.

If you receive an email from Skymax, I hope you read my report and please, unless you want to go door to door on commission in the rain in your OWN car, might I suggest applying at a REAL company in San Antonio, like say, Valero, Wachovia, Toyota, or USAA?


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