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Sky Car Wash / Damage to my vehicle

1 11865 Alpharetta HwyRoswell, GA, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: (770) 674-6500

If I could give this place negative stars I would have. I brought my 2010 Camaro SS in on the 4th of September and just got it back from MY insurance company after getting the repairs done due to Sky Car Wash's either faulty equipment or personnel who just don't care. If the work ethic follows the example of the supposed "Owner" Michael Johnson OR Michael Furguson (not sure since he would not give me his details), then no wonder... My wife and I took our 2008 H2 and my car to get a super outside detail. It was immaculate without any scratches and we made the check-in guy verify that there were no scratches or dents before they took our vehicles. When they were done my wife left in her truck behind me and we weren't able to do a full walk through to make sure there was nothing wrong because they were backed up and needed the space. 2 min after pulling away, my wife noticed something on my rear bumper. She called me and immediately pulled over. Much to my surprise there was a 12" scratch deep in the paint and some other minor abrasions. I immediately attempted to call Sky and no one answered the phone on multiple attempts so I went back and was told that only the owner could address my concern. I waited over an hour and a half for him to show up with an attitude and dictate to me how this was going to work and that if I filed a police report he would not "investigate" the issue. He also said that he would not allow the police on his premises and that it was private property and he would not allow them to file a police report. When the police arrived he was arrogant and didn't want his residential address to appear on the report, as he repeatedly told the officer "we are going to have an issue if my home address is on the police report, do you understand me?", he said this multiple times to the officer. Needless to say, I filed a claim against him and a police report. He made a 1/2 attempt to underestimate, by saying it will only cost $150 to fix it and he would pay for 1/2 of it. What a joke, the insurance company who will always lowball an estimate quoted at $445.69. He then refused to take any responsibility and said he would falsify a statement to his insurance company and say it was prior damage even though his employee checked us in and agreed that there was no prior damage. On top of all that the "Super" Exterior detail was a joke. I found dirt and grime everywhere, and he reused to give a refund for the service, but that he would "redo it", like I would give them another shot to cause more damage. The owner and his joke of a car wash looks fancy, but in reality is all smoke and mirrors. If anything happens to your vehicle good luck, as "It is your fault, because you didn't see anyone personally with your eyes do it". There is no room for an arrogant owner who antagonizes clients and wastes their time. So, $445.69 worth of damage later, $100 on a worthless "SUPER" DETAIL, and lots wiser, I would suggest not taking your car or truck to Sky Car Wash, as looks can be deceiving. Ought to have a sign saying "BEWARE, ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK"!

Sky Car Wash
Sky Car Wash
Sky Car Wash
Sky Car Wash
Sky Car Wash
Sky Car Wash
Sky Car Wash
Sky Car Wash
Sky Car Wash

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  • 67
      27th of Feb, 2011
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    Sky car wash damaged my car too. Michael ferguseon is a ###. He could carless about his customers. I at least got 500 bucks out of this bald looser. I documented everything an threatened to take him an his employees to court.

    Lets all put him out of business. Stay away from sky car wash in alpharetta ga. Boycot this ###.

  • Lo
      4th of Jul, 2011
    0 Votes

    Sky Wash Detail Lube A.K.A Sky Express Carwash A.K.A SKY A.K.A Yes
    Customer NO SERVICE! They BREAK IT, YOU PAY for IT!
    Living Social - Sky Car Wash Deal - If you care about your car do not take it to SKY CAR WASH!
    Their negligence resulted in a $336.57 car bill.
    Prior to dropping off my car I had to adjust my seat. When I picked my car up, the seat adjustment was different. I could not reach the pedal. I went to adjust my seat and it would not move. It worked when I dropped off the car and after being at Sky Car Wash it did not work. I went in and notified an employee. Ryan came out looked at it. It did not work.
    Ryan stated that he created a claim for me and emailed me a copy. I requested a printed copy but Ryan stated that the printer was broken and he could not print anything for me. I asked Ryan what the process would be to resolve the issue and he stated, “You might receive a phone call from the owner. Then, we would have to take the car to the shop and get a quote.”
    I never heard from a Sky Car Wash representative or the owner. I called Sky Car wash on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and left messages asking if someone could please contact me. I also emailed them.
    I could not adjust my seat. I was using pillows behind my back to reach the gas pedal. I never heard from the owner so I took my car to a BMW repair shop.
    We gave Sky Car Wash a month to respond. We drove up to Sky Car Wash today to give them the opportunity to resolve the issue. We saw Ryan the manager. He remembered the issue. We stated that we wanted to have the issue resolved today and that the issue could be resolved the easy way or the hard way. He said he was going to make a phone call to contact the owner because he could not make the decision himself. When Ryan returned, he led us over to the owner of Sky Car Wash, Michael Ferguson. So, in reality he did not have to make a phone call. The owner was actually on site.
    Michael Ferguson is the owner of Sky Carwash. After introductions, he asked us what the issue was. We showed him the damaged component and the repair bill. He looked at the component and did not even look at the mechanic’s documentation or bill total. He started speaking over us and would not listen. He spoke to us in a derogatory tone as if we were grifters. He stated that “Mercedes were pieces of ###”. So, I corrected him and told him we had a BMW… then he concluded BMWs were pieces of ### too.
    I learned a lot about Michael Ferguson. He treated us in a very unprofessional manner. His businesses practices do not involve resolving customer issues. No follow up and no resolution. He is bald. He stated his dad was an auto mechanic. He was lecturing us about planes falling out of the sky. He was talking incoherently about business theories he supposedly learned in college. I was not quite sure what the point of the whole conversation was about. We went there because of an issue. He never offered a resolution. He started moving in closer to my husband and when he was a foot away, I said, “Let’s just leave. We can go to court”. His comment was, “they will just laugh it out of court.”

  • Mo
      30th of Nov, 2016
    0 Votes

    I'm currently in the Sky Car Wash Cafe while my car is getting Outside / Inside Clean and was going to leave them a review so I googled and found this! I initially freaked then noticed the date... They have new owners thank goodness!!! New owner who first served me looks young (mid twenties) but I think it's a family run business and his mum is running the cafe and told me they bought the business a week ago. Both are really polite and she gave me a free coffee while I use their free wifi. From where I'm sitting, they look like they're doing a thorough job with two guys working on my car but I'll wait until they finish so I can check before submitting this post.

    ... Ok, so I'm in my freshly cleaned car and it all looks great. Did a walk around (while the young guy seemed a little confused at my thorough check lol) and there was no damage or spots missed. Inside is good too. I'd say they've done a better job than my usual cleaners at Westfield Doncaster and they were cheaper. Also got the free coffee and wifi in their cafe so I could work. I'll be coming back because of that, and probably because I was relieved that it's not the same people I've handed over my car to! lol Told them I would leave a review on Google and they thanked me about 10 times.

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