Skunk WorksBen Griffin

There Cannot Be Victory When You Have Dishonored Yourself
Mr. Griffin,
You should look to see where you misplaced your integrity. Your perverse distortion of the truth is consistent with the company you keep. In truth, your client never intended to honestly comply with a complete production of documents. To do so would be counter to Dealer Services Corporation’s scorched earth principles devised in their self described “War Room”.
Mr. Griffin, you are in the best position to know when your client’s lack of integrity has compromised your personal honor. When you tolerate deceitfulness, it may as well be by your own hand. Your employer has repeatedly demonstrated a lack of ethical boundaries and your collusion puts you in their bed.
I am sure you remember that we granted DSC’s earlier request for a continuance, one you claimed was needed to allow DSC to respond to our requests for information concerning DSC’s failure to be licensed as a finance lender. With the extra time, you responded with the two-faced claim that you “could not find the Corporation Department” and you also could not comprehend the meaning of a finance lenders license.
You are well aware DSC has litigated hundreds, if not thousands, of similar cases where their deceit and betrayal of trust has been the focus of complaints. With the massive number of requests for discovery in proceedings regarding DSC’s conduct, surely any requests for production of documents has been delegated to a special unit, essentially DSC’s own skunk works.
Mr. Griffin, it may be too late for the cohorts you have associated yourself with, but you might wish to take stock in your own personal integrity. The weight of injustice is a very heavy burden to carry for a corporation that lacks personal values.
There is no victory when you have defeated your own honor.

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