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I Had Purchased A Vechile SKODA LAURA L&K AT From GRG Motors Coimbatore on 31st Dec 2006. Due to rain on 20th june 2007 I met with an accident because I Had A Maniac Like Truck driver coming straight on to me overtaking another vehicle due to which i had to go off road crashing on to a transformer and a wall which damaged my vechile more than 80%. The estimate to repair the car is 15 lakhs which is almost near to the vechile cost of 16.39 lakhs. The Claim to the insurance which is ICICI LOMBARD was been registered. The Service officials from SKODA AUTOS have told the vehicles cannot be repaired to be a drivers car and has certified it. But the problem is with ICICI Lombard. They are not willing to replace my vehicle or pay the INSURED IDV which is 16.39 lakhs. It has been known now that ICICI LOMBARD insurance is the worst insurance company when it comes to claims. They could ask for 60,000 Rs a year as insurance but when an accident takes place they are not willing to take up heavy damages. I Advice all of you ppl out there to go for better insurance companies that are customer satisfying rather than Companies like ICICI LOMBARD AND INSURANCE which tries to leech on the customers and bring them to the street.

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  • Jo
      3rd of Jan, 2008
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    I agree to it. I also had problems with those ICICI ###. They have to many hidden charges and the insurance ppl always try to be on their safe side putting their customers on platforms. Really sick of them.

  • Pa
      16th of Jan, 2008
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    I fully agree with you I met with an accident on 26-11-2007 and my car got totaly damged. ICICI Lombard people are delaying my settlment on flimsy grounds.

  • Hi
      6th of Apr, 2008
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    Name Of Customer: hiren.Rameshbhai. Patel

    Chasis No: tmbbscizx7a151109

    Reg No: GJ23 M 9999

    Kms Used: 35000 ( APPROXIMATE )

    Contact number: 9998730731 & 9880443444 & 9974598734

    Subject: Low Quality Service and Hassel on the Skoda Vehicle. Important !!!

    Selling Dealer: Auto Gem PVT LTD, Baroda, Gujarat

    Service Dealer: Auto Gem PVT LTD, Baroda, Gujarat

    Concern: tmbbscizx7a151109

    Engine Number: BXE201526


    I am very sorry to say that the car that you/your local dealer has provided me with is a very big issue of concern this days. I had not expected this from you or your dealer. So far I have not received any kind of assurance for my car to be replaced or taken care of by the dealer. This is very unprofessional and highly unacceptable. I have spent a very handsome amount on the purchase of this car and I do not want to see it go down the drain and that too for no reason. I have tried to get in touch with a lot of people in regards to this engine failure of my car and it has been replaced once just in 6 months of its purchase, and the foundation was about to break down. I am a very busy person and have tones of business to take care in the days time. I do a hell lot of travel and I have already been turned down by the car on couple of occasions. I practically had to spent money on flights just because the damn car wont work. I have one question for you, "Will you spend this kind of money for no reason and say nothing?" If I have to pay for my travel despite having a C Class Car, then what is the point having so highly paid vehicle. I was so annoyed and my scheduled appointments were always delayed due to this. Do I have to buy a car just to make a back up of your car? Is that what you expect me.

    This is the situation due to the pathetic service of Skoda and its dealers, I understand that you guys down there sit back and enjoy, while I am stuck and in a mess due to your miss conduct. I strongly ask to take some steps and get back to me with a solution to this or else I will have to go legal.
    "This is not a treat, this is my consumer right", and I am sure that legal authorities would understand this very well. I have never seen this kind of service in my entire life and I am sure I would not come back to Skoda for my future purchase or Auto requirements. But since I have already fallen in you so called trap, I need to be provided with a new car. It has been around 10 days now and my schedules are being badly effected by this. I want a answer ASAP, and I mean it!!.

    This is not just it, I am currently located in Bangalore because I have my business down there. And due to the break down I had submitted my car at Bangalore located service station of Skoda, and guess what!! It was repaired in one month time, what was I suppose to do at that time? Also I was told that the problem is completely solved and it will work well what so ever. I believed them at first, but just after couple of days it again had a break down. I had to fly 4 of my business partners to Baroda, just because the car was at broke and I ended up paying 50, 000 Rupees for the Air Fair. All thanks to you.

    It may sound rude to you but you are not the only guys who do business, I have a fairly established business and I have around 10 different location across the nation and I cant afford to loose business because the car problems. I even had to lease a car and I paid around 50, 000 Rupees again for your mess. I am sick and tired of this and I do not know what to do with guys. You better get back to me soon enough before its too late for me to tolerate. I hardly recall any time when I had used your car with peace. And also not to mention the money that I have been spending on this car. I expect you to get back to me in 2 working days, hope this time is enough for you to at least type an email.


    Hiren Patel

    Candid Consultancy


  • Rp
      1st of Oct, 2008
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    We Agree totally with you, one of the worst experience for us. We Bought one new Laura Car in September-2006 from Milenium Motors at Coimbatore. But to be honest, we have never had any problems with other cars. But with Laura the problem started from the Clutch Fly Wheel failure.

    Last Week [23.09.08], we given the car to the service of Clutch Fly Wheel in Milenium Workshop, but they told that you have replaced the Clutch Fly Wheel in your car and we will be given delivery within Two days. But yet still [30.09.08], we are not deliver the car, because they are giving same reason for everytime OUT OF STOCK..!

    Laura Car details are as given below;

    Reg.No : TN 33 AT 7777
    Owners Name : M/S.RPP Selvam Infrastructure [P] Ltd.,
    Purchase Month : Sep-2006
    Colour : White
    Types Of Body : SALOON
    Chasis Number : TMBBSHIZ36A152324
    Engine Number : BJB 201432.

    Hence we have mailed in a query to the Skoda group and awaiting for your reply.

    Thanks & Regards
    RPPS Selvam Infrastructure [P] Ltd.,
    156, Mullamparappu,
    N.G.Palayam [PO],
    Erode-638 115.
    Ph.No : 0424-2337207.

  • Pa
      1st of Aug, 2009
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    I am sorry for that you are also on same boat as we are, But our problem is more "Life Threatening" and it's happening to us again and again. The Dangerous thing is While driving the Driver seat is completely pulling towards back away from the dash board, where I am loosing the control of steering and from the breaks .I can't even put the break and the seat is going Completely "Slanting position "Where it almost pushing the back side passenger (Passenger is My Child 8 years old kid).I have complained the servicing center, they have resolved the problem send the car back & told it's resolved .After 19 days again it's reoccurring .The time I am in the Passenger seat .They are telling me to get the car for servicing and they will fix it. But I am asking is there any guarantee it doesn't happen after they repair?, What will happen if I am on 80 above speed and the seat completely moves back ?..How can I survive?...Can they give Guarantee of our lives?????, They don't have answers . I am fighting for justice.. Don't know who can resolve the problem?...And I never expected such kind of problems with SKODA...It's really not worth of buying SKODA LAURA ...

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