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t i didnt go in as much detail as you about what happen to us i just summed it up in a short message. but i have been through the same thing with Judy Gumby trying to sugarcoat it or not take responsibility, not even a appology just excuse after excuse.. yeah im sure our cats also caught ring worm, herpes and tritrichomonas from the airplane.. damn you airplane and all your dirtyness.. i wonder what part of the airplane shaved my kitten or gave them herpes and must be the stewardess or maybe we should blame the pilot? people have been extremly mean and rude to Heather and other people that had bad experiences with Judy Gumby.. like above pull your head out of your behinds.. a airplane doesnt cause animals to have so many health issues, and to take money and send someone elses kitten is no excuse thats a horrible dirty trick to pull and not something a decent breeder would ever do.. the rest of the cats in my home also got sick after bring these kittens into our home.. she didnt offer to refund us or offer an appology, even though her contract said the above kitten is in good health, yet they were not, good health is not having herpes, ring worm (which was very visible) or tritrichomonas..and offering someone a free breeding does absolutly nothing to help or fix anything..when she pulled the "my husband is a hit man" I had to laugh well my husband use to be an officer we are not stupid when it comes to the law and breach of contract which you did Judy Gumby your a terrible terrible breeder Judy Gumby of Skinzin Sphynx

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