Skinrenewcream, Wrinkle RevolutionsBeware of their on-line selling tactics!

Trial period is only 15 days from date of shipment (not the day you receive it). When a pop up window shows up during the order process... don't agree to it. They are selling you another product!

I ordered a trial day & night cream from CLI wrinkle revolution and a pop up came up that said order now? I replied yes. I then received 2 packages; one for CLI wrinkle revolutions & one from skinrenewcream. I thought the second package was part of the trial... I didn't think much of it.
I thought I would get a full 30 days to use my trial before being charged... since it is a 30 day amount that they ship you. BUT... you must cancel in 15 days from the day they ship to you! It took 5 days for the product to get to me, so I had only 10 days to determine if it was working. Since I didn't cancel within the 15 days, they charged my CC twice ($109 for each product). I have since called to cancel. Their customer service was irritable and unsympathetic and said that many companies operate this way. I will not be supporting this company, regardless if the product is good or not. These tactics don't sit well with me!

May 05, 2017

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