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Skinny Petes Wings / Disgusting and Rude

Kingsland, GA, United States Review updated:
I am absolutely disgusted by the new opening of Skinny Petes wings. They are located where the old Moe Joes was located. Moe Joes..we want you back!!!
We went their (skinny Petes) for my sons birthday and our food was horrible.. They brought out several orders of fries 20 minutes before everyones wings and burgers were even brought to the table..we waited at least 40 minutes on nasty wings, burgers that didn't taste like real meat and rude service..We asked for a reciept..we were refused one..we repeatedly complained about the food from our table and we were ignored. ..not once did they even ask us how are food was or if they could help us...It was as if they ignored everything we said on purpose. They sent out rotton celery with the hard wings that had been cooked so long that their was hardly any meat on them. The bathrooms were disgusting and the kitchen was very dirty from what we could see...The cashier was too busy catering to her friends that came in the restraunt to even pay attention to the customers that had been their and just dropped almost a hundred dollars n lunch total. These people are rude..you don't even get have a nice day...They are lucky it was my sons birthday and for his sake I didn't ruin the meal or these people would have really heard what I had to say while I was up there at the resturaunt. I absolutely don't recomment eating their..I tried to call the store and no one answered the phone, so I couldn't even call back up and speak with a manager...Well I hope anyone looking for some good wings, takes this as a warning...Go some where else!


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  24th of Aug, 2008
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I agree skinny petes needs to close down..YUCK!
  24th of Aug, 2008
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1 minutes ago by Mark Keyworth [send email]
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  3rd of Jun, 2009
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ditto Skinny pete's gets a 1 out of 10 for service, food quality and customer service
  28th of Jun, 2009
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I wish I had of listened to everyone's comments and listened to my gut feeling. Even after reading all the comments, my husband and I decided to give Skinny Pete's a try. On our way to the resturant we called and ordered some wings and fries to go. Six minutes later we arrive to pick up our order and not only got the food but attitudes as well, from the cashier. Granted, it was 10:00 pm and they close at 11pm, but they still could have at least cooked some fresh wings. Instead we get hard, cold wings with no sauce. We turned around to ask for our money back but instead the "manger", who was outside staring at us as we turned the car around, offered to make some fresh hot and saucey wings, only after we told her we knew her boss. The whole time we were waiting we could hear comments about us in the kitchen and could see all the eyes that were rolling from the back.
We never got any appology or any verbal acknowlegdment that they messed up.
If anyone is hoping that Skinny Pete's has changed and maybe you won't have a bad experience, please do not take the chance. We read reviews from Kingsland thinking that our's from Brunswick would be better...no, we wasted out time and money. Even after we got fresh wings they weren't all that great. Loco's is much better, or even your local pizza place has better wings and service!!
  5th of Sep, 2009
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i love skinny petes! we went there after reading this too see if it was true. it was better than brunswicks i thought i am a regular in brunswick but when i am in the area in kingsland i think its good. i think that its a very good wing place! when i went to the one in kingsland they asked how my day was going brought my food. and they even came to check on everyone in the dining room.
they are very nice people!
granted their wings are small but they are still very good! i dont agree on whats been said!
you should go try them out and then comment on it your self!

btw i ate there today! it was VERY GOOD!
  19th of Nov, 2009
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skinny petes is awesome, the wings need some beefing up but the chicken fingers and subs are really good, I usuallu order from there once a month and had no problems at all. Than again its more of a carry out place so i wouldnt expect to get quality waitress services.
  11th of Dec, 2010
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disgusting, rude service, its like elementary kids run this place, the owner is rude as well, its just a joke, the foods gross, old, and rotten, and way overpriced...the homeless wouldn't eat this crap...
  27th of Jul, 2015
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Skinny pete's. .. first off they have a bunch of little girls working there that are rude as hell. They always get the orders wrong. I go for the cheese steaks, no more!!! Think this place should be condemned and not allowed to serve the public.. the hole they have that looks into the kitchen, shows a very grease filled nasty ceiling. Authorities need to look into this place.
  27th of Jul, 2015
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Skinny pete's is not good!!! Service is horrible, bunch of little girls rude as can be, food is salty. Terrible experience! !! Check it out and shut it down. Kitchen looks nasty.. made me sick...
  27th of Jul, 2015
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Skinny pete's kingsland is awful. . Little girls run the place and extremely rude. The cheese steaks are salty and the place needs to be revised.

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