Skill2thrill / I have been charged twice on my Rogers Bill and I want my money back--I sure didn't sign up for such crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thornhill, ON, Canada Review updated:

On my November Rogers bill I was charged $22.00 for Skill to Thrill and then again in December I was charged $34.00 for Skill to Thrill again.What is this nonsense? I had no part in this and am requesting a full refund. I have been in touch with Rogers twice and they said that they had put a "Stop" on this, but it happened again. Rogers gave me a number 33456.
Please inform me as to what I must do next . I do not need these extra expenses which I did not incure.
My e-mail is gay.[protected]

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  • Ro
      Feb 05, 2011

    Even i was charged on Fido, Pure Scam. We should make this kinds of services closedown, and Why Fido and Rogers support this

    Robin Niagara Falls

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  • Hu
      Feb 20, 2011

    They've charged me $36 per month for this scrap since October 2010!!! I called Rogers and Skill2thrill and both have tried to deny their responsibility, I doubt that they are linked together in some sort... This is an illegal business practice case, We have to fill up a law sue against those companies... It's the only way to stop definitively those "stealer".
    Call them or send a text "STOP" (not "Stop" !!! oh yeah...they play with dirty trick!!!), If you want to stop receive those scrap on your cell.

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  • Na
      Mar 02, 2011

    I have had this problem also, I phoned to get them to stop billing me through Rogers (they have a phone number next to the charges on your bill) So they cancelled the "service". They told me to send an e-mail to demand a refund and they sent me this BS. I did not subscribe to this service, you have to enter a PIN number to activate this service...I ain't that stupid. I went to there website and it says the charge is $1.25 per text, I'm billed $2?
    They will not give you a phone number to call the head office directly as they say only e-mail, and the address is a Toronto PO box! Boy I'm pissed! Read this crap below

    Dear Mr XXXXXX,

    Thank you for your email.

    From your recent correspondence, we have understood that you are disputing your receipt of premium text charges from our service. Your dispute is based on your claim that you did not register your mobile number 905-xxx-xxxx to receive our service nor did you agree to receive premium text messages from our service, on an ongoing basis. As settlement to this dispute, we have understood that you are requesting full compensation for the charges you have incurred.

    Although, your correspondence infers that the charges you have received are erroneous; please be advised that our system logs indicate otherwise. An investigation of your mobile number xxx-xxx-xxxx in our system indicates that you registered your mobile number to our 77277-GIFT service on Feb 03rd 2011 expressing your agreement to be billed by our service.

    Prior to providing specific details pertaining to your mobile number; we ask you to consider that our service is 100% user-initiated. Contrary to your suggestion, the registration of your mobile number to our service, required you to voluntarily provide your mobile number on our registration page and, thereafter, to voluntarily confirm your registration. We urge you to consider that this ‘user-initiated’ registration process is a mandatory, per Canadian premium text messaging regulations, for all premium subscription services. As such, quite frankly, you could not have received our service nor could we have sent you any messages (free or premium), had you not registered provided us with your mobile number and confirmed your registration.

    As it is appears from your correspondence, that you may not recall the registration process for your mobile number to our 77277-GIFT; we would like to take this opportunity to remind you how your mobile number registered to our service.

    The initial step of the registration for our service, as suggested above, first required you to voluntarily visit our registration page.

    Upon visiting this page, you were advised the following:

    "This is a subscription service. Costs of the Trivia Game are CDN $2.00 per question received. Each week 4 questions will be sent to your mobile."

    And you were prompted to volunteer your mobile number in the provided field.

    You may recall that, after entering your mobile number on the registration you received a text message to your mobile handset.

    We sent this free text message to you for three reasons:

    1. To ensure that you, the person entering the mobile number online, had possession of the handset to be subscribed to our service (i.e. you were not simply attempting to subscribe someone else’s mobile number maliciously)

    2. To ensure that the mobile number entered online was truly an existing mobile number

    3. To provide you with explicit instructions on how to explicitly “double” confirm your desire to subscribe to our service and to repeat to you (a final time), the terms of our service.

    You may recall that the free text message you received to your mobile handset, included a 4-digit Personal Identification Number. We would like to highlight that this message, repeated all terms of service located on our registration page; inclusive of price, frequency and instructions on how to cancel or get more information.

    To illustrate this, we urge you to review the text message provided below, which was sent to your mobile handset on Feb 3rd 2011 at 22:29:41 EST :

    Find PIN @ end of msg. Enter 4 a chance to WIN! Trivia subscription $2/Ques, 4Qs/wk, Info skill 2, 2 end txt STOP. Ur PIN: 5789

    You will note that the confirmation PIN in the above message is located at the end of the message, after all service information. This is done purposefully to force the user to read through all service information in the message before obtaining the required PIN information.

    In light of the above, we hope you may understand our confusion by your claim that you did not agree to be billed by our service. We must highlight this part of your claim, particularly, when all terms of service were explained to you multiple times prior to registering; inclusive of the following disclaimer on our registration page:

    “Customers, who enter their personal PIN code on the website in order to sign up are agreeing to become subscribers. By signing-up for and/or using the service you acknowledge and confirm that you agree to the terms & conditions”

    Moving forward, we would like to advise you that, had you chosen not to enter the provided 4-digit PIN on the webpage, you would not have received any further contact from our service. However, our logs indicate you affirmatively confirmed the completion of the registration process for our service on Feb 3rd 2011 at 17:36:42 EST by entering PIN 5789 on the registration page. As a result, per the act of consent described above, you agreed to the terms & conditions of our service and you agreed to become a subscriber to our service.

    Although, we would like to assume that all entrants have completely read and reviewed the Terms & Conditions and disclaimer we provide, we also know that some may not. This is therefore, why the information is not only provided on the page prior to registration, but also included in the message which asks the registrant to confirm the registration of the mobile number to our service. Should you wish to review the terms which were available on the registration page, please note that we are able to provide you with the registration link upon request.

    In conclusion, based on the investigation of your mobile number in our logs; we ask you to understand that there is not sufficient indication to illustrate that an error occurred, warranting compensation. Per our logs, the mobile number xxx-xxx-xxxx not only requested our service; but completed the registration even after being advised of the cost of service. Although we are sympathetic to your situation; we ask you to consider that, as the owner of the mobile phone there is thus an onus and responsibility for the charges which can be incurred by the usage of the mobile under your ownership. These circumstances are unfortunate; however, as indicated above, our logs do not indicate that the subscription was completed in error nor that any attempt was made to cancel the service, despite the incoming of text messages.

    With regards,

    Customer Care

    Info/Help: 1-866-670-0126

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  • Pe
      Oct 17, 2011

    Please sign my petition and pass it along to your friends

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