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Skelton Cleaning Company / Services were horrible and a riped off!

1 TN, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 423-276-5506

This cleaning company is the worst company I have ever had. They promise you good and reliable cleaning people. Well you have to give them feedback every time they clean and they miss a lot you actually have to reclean after they clean. If you give them feedback they take it as an insult to their cleaning abilities. The owner is only interested in the money if they are there for almost an hour she is rushing them to hurry up and they don't care if they finish the job they are heading out the door so fast with your check. The owner Elaine Skelton told me in the beginning that she wants to hear your feedback but how can she when she out the door so fast with your money. They are a hour late all the time. When you schedule an appointment you stick to it or you call your client to let them know they will be late..I was in a cleaning business and I never treated my clients the way they treat their clients...

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  • El
      18th of Nov, 2008
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    I am the Owner of Skelton's Cleaning Service. This customers' "feedback" was not true. I took this customer on as a trial basis since she stressed in our initial interview that "no one could ever please her cleaning". She was from up North and said that she cleaned houses on her own. Well in the interview, she used the most unual cleaning products. Some were special ordered. We we not allowed to use any of our products (which is all named brand stuff); she walked around constantly behind all of my girls not even allowing them time to clean, pointing to stuff...don't miss that, don't forget that...etc. I am a very thorough cleaner and have great girls working for me. I only cleaned this house 3 times. No!!! we were never late, always on time. We never take feedback as a direct insult, we want to clean our very best (which is with very very high standards. But when you have a cleaning freak to deal with, it makes your job impossible to satisfy customers like this. I never push my girls, with me standing with a stopwatch, but I do have a schedule to keep. This lady was always rude, short, very hard to work with, talked short with my girls. SO I DECIDED TO NOT CONTINUE CLEANING. It was obvious that NO ONE could ever please her. By the way, she never had to reclean, I was always there (we only cleaned, I think 3 times)...what a waste of time. Oh, and about the money, I never made one red cent off this customer. She nickled and dimed me to death. For her hugh house of 3, 000 sq ft plus, I charged her $50. This was a total rip off for me and my girls, since this cleaning usually costs double that. But I wanted to prove to her that we were a great cleaning company just because she had the negative feelings right off the bat about us here this area. Honestly, I have over 80 customers plus, 8 girls working and we do a GREAT job! I have plenty of references and the customers I have are 3/4 the ones in the beginning of my business over 3 years ago. I was a Legal Secretary/ParaLegal by trade and perfection must be done in that line of work. So those traits will always be in my cleaning service to ALL customers.

    So what, I BAD APPLE, verses all my great customers.

    Definately glad to NOT have customers like this one.

  • Su
      9th of Oct, 2015
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    I read bad reviews on this company, but wanted to give the benefit of the doubt and see for myself. Well they did a horrible job. There were areas of my house that were completely untouched. I paid for a deep clean and the baseboards weren't cleaned, there was still toothpaste on the bathroom cabinets, the bedroom closet wasn't cleaned at all, the light fixtures weren't dusted, and I could go on. To top it off, I emailed the owner to nicely express my dissatisfaction, and she never even emailed me back. I guess since she has my money, there was really no need. I thinks that it is very unprofessional. The "cleaning service" I received was an absolute joke. I truly feel ripped off. Please don't use this company. You will regret it.

  • Ci
      29th of May, 2018
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    This company is horrible she has girls working there that has stolen money from homes among other things and continues to let them work even after the customer reported to her the money had been took by the girls she is very unfair on how she treats her employees some get by with stuff they di while others dont. Most who work there with a couple exceptions are druggies. The owner of the company. Even lets them take company vehicle to the subutex clinic so some employee's can get there pills while other girls have to sit in van for hours and not get paid for it there has even been complaints of 1 girl nodding out high while driving van along with customer complaint of her passed out standing with mop in her hand and owner does nothing. She did drug test her but hired her back right after . owner needs to learn how to run a company right and get rid of the trash .i know this because i know a few of the girls who work for this company.

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