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Frankfurt, Germany Review updated:


I rented a car from Frankfurt Airport. I picked the car up on June 24 and dropped the car off on July 6. My reservation number is [protected]. When picking up the car, the agent asked me if I wanted to purchase insurance . I declined.

When I returned the car, the attendee examined the car thoroughly. There was no damage. The attendee even wiped some dirt off the front bumper of the car to see if it was a scratch or simple dirt. It was dirt. The attendee said the car was find and that we were free to go.

On July 9, after I am back in the United States, I receive an email claiming damage to the car in 3 different locations. The Damage number is [protected]. SIXT wants my auto insurance to pay for these damages. The damage to the car did not happen when the car was in my care. I am very concerned that there has been some deception. I have no way to address this matter as I am back home. I do have 3 witness that were with me in the car for the first week, and can vouch that the car was in no incidences. The second week, it was just me and my partner, Ted Widmayer. He can vouch that there were no incidences. He was also there when I returned the car, and the attendee carefully looked the car over. I can get written testimony from all 3 witnesses if necessary.

This is very concerning .I suspect something is not on the up and up here.

Please suggest how I can best take action on this matter.

Jul 09, 2018
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