Six Flags Great Americaharrassment and discrimination

i was enjoying a great day in six flags Halloween fest on 10/30/2010 wit my girl friend and her family until i was harassed and embarrassed in front of the public. it all started when we went to a haunted house around 7:30pm . it was a small pathway to walk through and it was dark. my girlfriend and i were holding to each other as we walked to the scary path way. as we proceeded, there was to little boys scared on the way as we walked around them and an individual walk up to scare us and i accidentally bumped into someone else who was part of the haunted house. i said sorry but it was all noisy wit the loud scary sound affects. so my girlfriend and i proceeded through the small dark path way to the exit. when we exited we were told to hold by a sixflags worker. the little boys then came out behind us and left and so we started to leave when the sixflags worker told us to hold again and i said why? he replied saying i hit someone. security came to speak to me saying why i hit her. my response was in shock saying "what hit who?!" and i clearly told the security i hit no one along wit my girlfriend and two of her family members who were witnesses. i was told to hold on at the exit as people in line were looking at us as if we did something wrong. security brought out the person working in the haunted house and i seen it was a young women in a camouflage costume wit black face paint.when security spoke wit her then they came to me saying im a lair i touched her and i hit her. all this was going on out side the haunted house were people were watching and hearing the commotion.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Gurnee, ILi was being accused of hitting the haunted house worker when i clearly explained to the security i did accidentally bump into someone because it was dark and it was a small pathway, i also said that i apologize and i wanted to apologize to the young women again to explain i did not see her because there was kids on the way and it was dark and to top it off the young women was in camouflage costume wit black face paint. my main issue is why couldn't this been held in a room and not in front of the public, i was called a lair, i was harassed, embarrassed, and i was kicked out the park. i had witnesses that seen i didn't do nothing wrong. i was not allowed to apologize to the young women and all this made me feel the security named "alex" was being ignorant and rude for calling me a lair and did not care that the witnesses were there saying i did nothing wrong! i believe its all discrimination that i was called a lair when i yelled i ain't no liar, there is nothing to lie about. i wanted to talk to the manager and the only thing i was told was to leave the park or the police would be involved. i believe the police should of been involved that the fact someone was hit but the reality was no one was hit so why was i kicked out! the security named alex was rude and i believe being racist in a way because i was called a lair and he said i look a liar.i told alex that i was 23 years of age and don't need to lie and to stop embarrassing me and my alex didn't want to hear`me he just wanted me out the park. i wanted a manager i felt disrespected and was being judged wrongfully. i was also not allowed to apologize to the young woman which i really did. my night was ruined along wit my girlfriend and her family because i had to leave the park so they didn't want to leave me out so we left in disbelief that this happen. im still embarrassed and i feel like crap that my night wit my girlfriend was ruined. the waste of money and i also spent 100$ for the flash pass. i just need some advice and help on this situation because this was really really wrong. i appreciate your time and thank you so much.

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