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Sirius Satellite Radio / billing horrors

1 1221 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 1-888-539-7474

I have been a Sirius subscriber since everyone thought it would be a failure. I clearly remember hearing DJs touting "We have hit the 600, 000 subscriber mark" to give you an idea of how long I have maintained their service. I loved it and everything was fine about the service.

I was laid off from my job in August 2008, and because of this, I wanted to switch to monthly billing as opposed to annual subscriptions. There were a couple of reasons such as the merger, my radio is old, and I have no income to pay for an entire year of Sirius. Truth be told, I'm basically broke because of losing my job. I called Sirius to change my billing (i was due for renewal in early September) and requested the changes. After being treated like some kind of loser for "downgrading" my subscription, I thought everything would be fine.

2 days later, I check my bank account online, and there it is: $163.36 charge from Sirius. I immediately called and told them they had made a mistake. I requested a refund of the annual charges. I was told it would take place immediately.

2 days later, still no refund from Sirius, so I call them back, now demanding bank overdraft fees they had caused, as well as $8.00/day charge that my bank charges me on overdrawn accounts. I was told at this point that there was a problem with the credit card I had given them (my bank debit card) and they couldn't process my refund (this makes no sense because they had just CHARGED this card). I did give them a different card to process the refund to. I was then told that it would take 7-10 days to process. I told them this is unacceptable, considering they had overdrafted my account, I was being charged daily for this, and 7-10 more days is 56-80 more dollars! I asked to be put through to a supervisor, who I had asked to RUSH this refund due to the situation. After waiting on hold for at least 30 minutes, as soon as this supervisor came back on the line I was disconnected. I immediately called back and asked to be reconnected with that supervisor. I was told that they could not do that but to be assured the refund was processed.

7 days later, I still have no refund. I call them back, fuming this time. I am given 1 month free surbscription. I am transferred all over the place, I am told by 3 different people a fax number to fax my bank statements showing the overdraft fees as well as the original charge and refund. Since there was not many other charges except overdraft fees, continuous overdraft fees, and the sirius charge, I blacked out what was left and faxed it to them. By now the fees from my bank are totalling $124.00. Later that day I recieved my refund for the programming.

7 days after getting my refund, I call to inquire of the status of my fax and when I would be recieveing the money owed to me because of Sirius' billing error. I am now told that they will not pay these charges due to "terms and conditions" which they probably didn't even have when I signed up. I spent most of Monday this week on the phone with sirius, waiting on hold (one time longer than 1 hour for a supervisor), and many times on holder for shorter times before hanging up. It definitley seems that they have BLACKLISTED me in their customer service department and will not attend to me any longer.

I have sent a demand letter for restitution for the bank fees, the cost of sending 2 certified signature required letters, and I have given them until Halloween to do this. I sent it to the billing dept. as well as James E. Meyer, President of Operations. I am going to file a complaint at my local courthouse, but not before filing actions in small claims court, this time for the bank fees, certified mail costs, cell phone minutes on hold, mileage/gas for going to my courthouse, court costs, and whatever else comes up by then. I will let everyone know how it turns out, but i think we all know what will happen.

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  • Il
      17th of Nov, 2008

    This company also lies about refunds. I followed all the instructions and sent in all required documentation by the date required, but they REFUSED to accept the letter (according to the post office) and it was returned to me! You call them and you just get put on hold until you give up and hang up. I really regret dealing with them and will certainly never buy anything from them again.

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  • Er
      2nd of Dec, 2008

    This is my original complaint regarding the Sirius billing/customer service issues. I wanted to update everyone on my results.

    1. I did send certified letters to the Chief of Sales/Operation as well as the Billing Department, only to be ignored and nothing happened.

    2. About 2 days after I sent my certified letters, I also filed a formal complaint with the New York Attorney General's office.

    3. After approx. 2 weeks, the NY Atty Gen. sent me a letter stating that they would be investigating the issue.

    4. After approx 2-3 weeks, I received a phone call from a "customer service department" which was a different number than Sirius, and they did not answer the phones as Sirius, only as "Customer Service". This call into me was in regards to the letter they had just received from the NY Atty General and they wanted to resolve the issue immediately. I am not a resident of NY, but Sirius is based there, so I used their state's Atty Gen.

    5. After speaking with Joseph, the "customer service rep" assigned to my account, I was asked to re-fax all of my documentation including bank statement illustrating the charges, overdraft, fees, and refund. Initially, it seemed as if they were going to try and short this by a few days. However, about 1 week after the initial phone call, I did receive a refund of ALL overdraft fees, continuing overdraft fees, and this is in addition to the refund of the annual charges, and I even received a bonus 3 months free of my service. It'll be the last 3 months I have Sirius, but it is a nice kicker.

    To anyone experiencing these same problems, my recommendation is to not even bother sitting on hold, calling them, or even trying to deal with them, no matter how sincere and caring the supervisor or customer service rep seems. Just save yourself time, aggravation, and hassle by Googling the New York Attorney General's office, printing out the official complaint form, filling it out, providing acceptable documentation, and letting them handle it for you.

    My letter threatening to take Sirius to small claims court was ignored, and I am glad they pissed me off enough to not even mess around and go straight to the top. I hope whoever reads this takes this advice to heart because I was frustrated, aggravated, and thoroughly pissed off. Once the Atty General became involved, the results were satisfactory, swift, and without consequence. Please contact me if you need help with this issue.

    i hate Sirius Satellite Radio now, and I am not an investor in their penny stock, and I am sick of corporate America sticking it to consumers, and I am a consumer fighting for my rights, and yours too! I'm not a lawyer, I don't even have a bachelor's degree, but I'm smart enough to know when my rights have been violated. DON'T JUST SIT THERE AND LET THIS CONTINUE! FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHTS, MONEY, AND RESPECT!

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  • Sb
      18th of Jun, 2009

    How do you get to a person at Sirius?
    I called three days in a row and never got to a person...was on hold for over 2 hours each day before i finally had to give up as phone went dead.
    Emails are not responded to either!
    Sirus seriously sucks!

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  • Co
      30th of Dec, 2010

    I ordered Sirius Satellite radio for my mother 2 years ago as a Christmas gift. I forget the exact deal and price but it was something along the lines where if i bought the car radio and a one year subscription I would get a month free. Hence, I bought in December 2008, my mother would have it throughout January 2010.

    In December 2009, my credit card was automatically billed for another year without my permission. I called up and told them it was a gift and I didn't want to renew it. They refunded me my money and I assumed that was the end of Sirius.

    Come December 2 2010 I realized my account had been billed again! I immediately called up and explained to them my dissappointment asked them to delete my credit card from their records and demanded a refund. I also made reference that I no longer lived at my prior address that was listed back in 2008.

    Come December 29, 2010 I receive Sirius satellite solicitation calls. I think to myself I never followed up on my refund. I call up that evening and was told it was sent to my bank account. I knew for a fact they didnt have my bank information, but due to my cellular reception the call was dropped. I was going to call in the morning after i verified a refund wasn't sent into my credit card. Sure enough it wasn't. I immediately called up and spoke to a lady who immediately said it was sent to my bank account I asked what bank? she placed me on hold for 20 minutes came back and said a check was mailed out to my old address on December 16th. I mean really? So I asked to speak to a supervisor. Another ten minute hold and i spoke to a supervisor who was extremely unproffessional. I told her i wanted my money overnighted since I received no services from sirius in the last 12 months and she said they would send the check out to my correct address. I sarcastically said "when should I anticipate this check, in another month" and she said Yes. I then told her I need to speak with someone that can make a decision. After going back and forth for about 2 minutes of her giving me the runaround and trying to pass me off to another dept. she hung up on me. What a company! Hiring supervisors that are unable to do their job and willing to hang up on someone.

    Sure enough I called back and received help from a nice lady and asked her to send me to another supervisor. She said she was going to pass me onto a supervisor that was a male but she was unable to tell me his name and just placed me on hold. No one ever answered.

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  • Ra
      24th of Mar, 2011

    After cancelling service over the phone they send you to collections 6 months later stating you didn't cancelyour account and now you need to pay more money! People need to not get their services at all!!!

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