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Sirenis tropical suites / Food poisoning and bed bug bites

1 Playas Uvero Alto Macao Beach, Punta Cana Dominican RepublicPunta Cana, Dominican Republic
Contact information:
Phone: (809) 688 6490

Arriving at the hotel, it was extremely chaotic at the front desk. Our room was not ready at 3:00 so We had to wait. During that time I was ignored until someone came over to tell them I've been waiting for over an hour. They finally put us in a room, in which it smelled badly and had urine on the toilet seat.
The next day we went to their restaurant which was absolutely disgusting, we became sick and I had food poisoning. thankfully we went on our awesome dolphin excursion and they had real meet to eat at their restaurant, so we survive that day.

The hotel have a store with junk food so we survive off that for a couple of days. We decided to give their restaurant another try and biting in the sausage, I kid you not, their was a dead fly inside of it. The chef came out to apologize and made us reservations for a seafood restaurant which had me on the toilet puking from my mouth and from the other end. So we decided to stick to the junk food because each restaurant we ate made us sick. The employees that work there told us that they do not eat the food because everyone gets sick. They said stick to the fruit and jello. If you want to loose weight on vacation this resort is for you.

In addition, We bought the wifi at the hotel, they did not tell us we could not use it in the room. We had to go to the front desk 4 times in order for it to work. Later we decided to order room service because we were starving and Cheetos were to expensive to purchase for lunch breakfast and dinner. Room service was suppose to be there in 25 mins, in one hour I called to check on my food. I honestly think they forgot because 25 mins later it came. It was cold and the bread was hard. We thought we were playing it safe by ordering a grill cheese sandwich. We complained to the staff regarding our experiences and they sympathize with us but they have heard it all before.

They have members only section which was something that interest me so we talk to the sales people and they were rude which was very unprofessional. I did not want to purchase what they were offering for 1700 USD without thinking about it. So they told us "to just get up and go." The reason why we didn't purchase the VIP package was not because of money, It was simply because when I told lewis the manager about the uncleanliness of my room, he said " well that's what u get when you are not VIP, we are not always honest to the travel agents about what type of room you are getting". This was a bold statement and why would I want to go into business with someone who makes remarks like that when that was a areas of opportunities.

The last two days, we had no water between 8am-12pm which means no shower, toilet couldn't flush so our room was smelly. Our TV didn't work for two days and they sent a guy to fix it at 11 pm which was 4 hours after we call. They told us he will be right over. When he finally arrives, we showed him what was wrong with our TV and he said " I will be right back." He never came back. Another guy came at 9am the next day, he look at our TV And said the same thing, "I'll be back" never came back. Thankfully it was check out time. We wanted to talk to the manager who was in the back but did not want to come out because they said he is dealing with a lot. They sent us to people who were unable to "listen with action." Two hours later we are still waiting for a manager and at this time we have to go because our airport shuttle was there. The receptionist went to get the manager to take off charges for our room service And wifi. It took them two hours to take those charges off and we still didn't speak to a manager. He told the front desk what to do and walked away. There was no apology given. The receptionist are a better suite for the manager job than Sirenis managers.

The grand finally- to top the trip off I have 20 bed bug bites that traveled with us. Below is a picture of my arm. I have plenty of more pictures that will prove that I was bitten all over my body. I plan on taking this to the top of the chain until I am fully refunded.


Room q101 Shana Burnett

Jul 10, 2015

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