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Sirena Moving / unsatisfactory and felt misled

1 Fort Lauderdale, FL, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 888-219-7171

I checked the website looking for reasonable movers to have mom moved from texas to st louis missouri on 3/06/09. received information from nationwide relocations, called other movers to get quotes and they were all higher than this company, so i called my sister and told her nationwide was the cheapest. i called the company spoke to a howard melnick and he gave us a quote and told us they had a binding estimate and their rate was base on weight and mileage. first quote was 1, 371.18 with a estimate weight of 3, 080 lbs. and we had to pay a deposit of $564.77 to hold the slot for the move. i was then emailed 4 forms that had to be signed and returned immediately. these forms was a deposit slip of the deposit, the order, furniture list, and their terms and conditions. while this is going on my sister is driving from st louis to texas to help my mom move. she called howard melnick and changed the dates because she wanted to get back earlier. so all paperwork was signed and faxed back to mr. melnick. on march 13 received a call from someone name jullian with nationwide stating they needed a accurate description of the items to be moved because it would be based on the weight. my sister called and change the date from 3/18-3/19 to 3/16 -3/17 and delivery date would be 3/18/2009-3/31/09 and gave him a list of the items to be moved. this changed the weight it was not 4, 554 lbs and needed another $963.40 deposit. so my sister paid this and he emailed as to change and sign the forms again and fax back to him asap. so now our total deposit is $1501.17. now was told the movers coming would be sirena moving, changed from all coast, he said something about they couldn;t service them, anyway was told sirena moving would be contacting us as to the time. maya with sirena moving called and said that they would be there between 2 and 4pm, then she called me and said they would be there between 4-6 pm. that monday, never showed and kept calling maya as to when they would be there, since they are based in arizona, had to wait until 11:.00 texas time to contact them. only given this number to call [protected] which turned out to be a cell phone and each time you called you only got a voicemail. left messages as to their arrival and then called mr.melnick at nationwide as well. he said he tried to call and got no answer as well, told to call give them 3 hours since the time was different. so i called my sister to see if they had contacted her and she said she had not heard anything. later i called again to speak to maya, of course no answer and did not return my messages. my sister said she called and said they would be there a 8am the next morning. well march 17, 8am no show, so i called again to get status, and because of the time difference i had to wait another 3 hours to reach them. Finally got a call back from maya and said the drivers had some problems with their truck and would be there that day. still not give a exact time. called mr melnick, he just said oh they will be there give them time. well they finally arrived about 11:00 am the 17th. I expected a moving truck with the name sirena or nationwide relocation signa on it but my mom said it was a rental truck. the drivers explained why they were late, something about another move problems with customers packaging etc. mr.melnick said they were coming from houston but they told us they were coming from phoenix so i guess that explains why they did not show up that monday. any way they loaded the truck and told my sister the weight may be over would not know until the got there. my mom and sister left that wednesday and the mover did not get there until thursday . in the meantime i get a called from betty at nation wide saying our balance would be$ 1677.58 and this had to be paid when the movers got there. i called my sister and told her. Then i get another call the next day saying the balance to be paid was $2539.98. i asked how did the balance change from yesterday and she said that it was over the weight and that they had receive the incorrect ticket, it was someone else ticket. i called my sister to tell her and she was not happy, she called mr.melnick, who did not answer his phone, called jullian, also didnot answer when i called. then called maya who said that the weight went over 3, 347 lbs. by then everyone is furrious. my sister was upset and she called to ask if we could help out with the money because the drivers wouldnot unload the truck until they got the money. I was going to use my credit card but was told they could not take a credit card, had to be cash, cashier check or money order. so me, i am in texas, go to the bank get the money wire it to my sister in st louis and then she had to go back to change the cashier check because the name was not spelled right. so we had to pay $2539.98 along with the deposit we already paid. i called mr.melnick and told him why the cost changed and he said that it was the weight and transferred me to betty in another department. she went on to explain the weight over and that was what we had to pay. my sister is really furious now, she called maya and she would not answer her phone. so we paid the 2539.98. i finally got maya and asked her about the lateness of the drivers and she said she could only compensate $25.00 for the lateness. i asked my sister did they take the $25.00 off and she said they did. I asked my sister di d they give her any paper work as to the weight. so i called nation wide relocation and asked them to confirm the weight before and after the truck was loaded. i also asked her to fax me the weight tickets. this time speaking to another customer service rep and she said whe would fax over right then. never got them so i called nationwide back again and spoke to cicely. she said she would fax again but one of the tickets was real dark and possibly have a hard time reading so i told her to mail me a hard copy.
well my mom said the movers sirena drivers broke the glass in her china cabinet and the top and told her they would be back the next day to fix or pay for but as of today march 25 no one has called or showed up. This was a frustrating and expensive move inspite of the binded estimate that nationwide told us. so now we are $4000 in the whole. Iunderstand the economy is bad but companies that take advantage of people struggling to survive is just horrible. hope no one else goes through what we did.

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  • Sa
      8th of Aug, 2009
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    I had a very similar, horrible moving experience with Sirena Moving in Phoenix, Arizona. We moved from Colorado to Arizona in September 2008 and after researching moving companies, chose Trans National Van Lines. Unfortunately, with rogue movers, rip off moving companies that contract out and subcontract the work, and all of the scams that we were warned about, there is no verifiable consumer assistance with finding honest and good movers. So we had no idea the mess we were about to get into. Trans National gave us one quote (which ended up being almost twice as much in the end, and the movers from Sirena wouldn't unload our stuff, saying the "weight" of the truck was over the quote and we had to come up with thousands more if we wanted our stuff. They were almost a week late with the move, causing us extra expenses and a loss on our house that we were moving out of, as the renters couldn't move it until a week and a half later. Even though I gave Trans National Van Lines - I dealt with Jackie there, who told more lies than I can even recall - even though I gave her a full inventory, room to room of our stuff and she promised a large truck big enough to move our items and charged extra for moving our hottub, when Sirena showed up they had a small truck that didn't even hold half of our belongings. I was transferred for work so we were already in AZ when the movers were packing our things in Colorado, but my sister was present and called me horrified as she watched them so carelessly throwing our things (without wrapping them) into boxes. My sister was also shocked when the renters showed up and the two male movers from Sirena moving cussed them out in Russian. Maja Sutkovic (pronounced Maya) owns Sirena Moving with her husband and every time I called her with concerns, she yelled at me and made promises that another truck was on the way to get the rest of our stuff. It is one year later, and we still have not recovered from our losses. Family heirlooms and gifts that were irreplaceable were broken and damaged. Our quote from Jackie at Trans National Van Lines included 100 boxes and she promised all breakable items would be packed. We lost an entire china set from our wedding because the dishes were stacked on top of each other in the box with nothing but one piece of paper between each. I've cried many tears over this experience. When the first truck arrived at our new home in Nothern AZ, the Russian movers were yelling at us and verbally abusing us to the point that caused a scene and our new neighbors gathered in horror asking if we wanted the police called. They refused to unload any of our belongings until we changed our check, which was made out by my employer to Trans National Van Lines as I was instructed by them to do. Then they would not unload because we didn't pay the full amount - why would we though when they only had a small truck with half of our belongings? They said they wouldn't unload and go back to get the remaining items from our house for a few more days. In those days, both me and my husband had several painful conversations with Maja from Sirena moving where she promised our truck would be there soon and she promised she would compensate us for damaged items. Instead, days later when the second truck arrived with more of our belongings broken and damaged, they charged us an additional $4, 500 over the original quote, saying the weight of the truck was over the quoted amount, but they wouldn't show a bill of laden or weight ticket to prove it. Again, they held our stuff hostage and drove it back down to Phoenix... where the truck sat in 100+ degree weather, ruining even move items as we waited for the funds to arrive to get our stuff out of their unbelievable hostage situation. My husbands 500 cd changer and stereo equipment was destroyed, as was thousands of dollars worth of mirrors, appliances, christmas ornaments, furniture and other items. They did not use the proper lifting dolly for our hottub, and even though Jackie at Trans National Van Lines charged us several hundred dollars extra to have them move it, the heating element has never worked since the move... leaving a $5, 000 hottub useless in our driveway that we are still trying to save up to have hauled off. Not only did they rip us off, they verbally abused us, and we may as well have had all of our belongings destroyed in a fire because that was how we felt as we unpacked the boxes of damaged items. When I tired complaining to the supervisor/manager/owner (? he never would say just what he was) at Trans National Van Lines, he LAUGHED at me saying I should have read all of the print in the contract we signed with them that released them of any responsibility. Since then, I've tried to seek recourse, and unfortunately our only course of action would be civil litigation with Sirena Moving which due to our losses because of them, we have not had the money or time to pursue... yet. When I ask why this happened to us, and see the tons of complaints online against Trans National Van Lines, Sirena Moving, and the several other moving companies that rip people off like this, the only answer I can find is that there is no consumer protection when it comes to movers. I feel for everyone who has had this kind of nightmare experience and all I can say is - go UHaul and move it yoursel[censored] A terribly expensive lesson to learn.

  • Rh
      16th of Jul, 2010
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    American Vanlines, Sirena Moving Company, Mr. Amir, Mr. Elvir and packing crew in Las Vegas, Nv. you all are full of [censor]!!! You damage my brand new furniture, kept parts to my furniture that I cant reassemble. I been here for over a month and still have expensive items on the floor not put together. I keep calling and you lie and say you are coming, but never show up. Your company and moving crew are worthless!

    You will be hearing from my lawyers soon.

  • At
      10th of Aug, 2010
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    We had a similar situation, but at least none of our items were damaged. The estimate grew and grew and we had to pay by cashier's check or they would have held out belongings hostage. The movers were late and brought a 24 ft box truck to move a 4, 000 sq. ft. home, took a 3-hour lunch break to go rent a U-Haul, and then never completed the job--they left behind a wardrobe box and a bicycle. It makes me sick to my stomach to think people like this can sleep at night. PLEASE do not use SIRENA MOVERS in AZ--if you do, let MAJA know that God will determine her fate in the end.

  • Rf
      31st of Jan, 2011
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    We are in the same experience right now with this company. Out furniture is somewhere and we have no idea where it is. We started out with American Van Lines throught MBN sales and then somehow got stuck with this horrible company. They sent a truck that was 3/4 loaded and then tried to get us to let them secure a u-haul...we said no to that and had them just come back when they off loaded their load. They were 3 days late coming back and then could not go to the 2nd site as planned for the assistant quit. Then they showed up at the 2nd site with no helper - we had to find 2 people to help and were told the driver would pay them but it didn't happen - he left loaded without paying them. I called today to file yet another complaint and it is now being handled by Nationwide Relocation. They have not called me back as promised and we have no idea where the truck is or when to expect it to arrive. I am so distraught after reading all these horrible reviews. God help us!!! No telling how much this is going to end up costing us...We already know that one glass top table top is broken...OMG...Maja is definitely a very evil person and this company is definitely full of [censor] and is very illegal in what they are doing but how do you even begin to take them apart. We do have some high level legal connections that we are going to begin to put into place and have on stand by but that may not help us at this point.

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