Singtel Mobile Broadbandnot able to online

I just sign up 2 years Mobile Broadband with Singtel. And they provide me device E1782 to online. But once I got this device, I feel the connection is not stable. I using 7.2Mbps network, but the network always disconnect. I am not able to go online smoothly. Hence I call into Singtel 1688 seek for help. For the 1st time, the customer care ask me to update my firmware which I already did. But I still do it again. But still facing problem. So I call in again. Then the 2nd customer care say this might me device problem and not Singtel problem. They just ask me to look for HUAWEI. If really is the product failure, once I got this, they should one to one exchange with me right? Or they just try to push the responsibility to others people???? They didn't do a QC test?? Or they just don't want to help out??? Once call in, just say is not Singtel problem and ask the consumer to look for other party???
Anyone one can give me some help??? If yes, please email me: shane.[protected] Thanks.


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