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SingNet exStream BroadBand / Poor Router, Poor Services

1 Singapore, Singapore

Poor Router, Poor Services

We subscribed to SingNet exStream Broadband on Fiber 200m Unlimited Service mid-March 2015 and after installation completed and services activated on 11 April, 2015, we found the wireless connection speed of this broadband, with using the router Aztch FG7003GRV(AC)-J as provided by SingNet, is too slow.

The speed test results as below which are similar with the results got by SingTel technicians in our house.

Living room Bed Room
Best (mbps) 40 19
Worst (mbps) 20 3

Condition: a. with nothing block in living room
b. three (3) meters away from router in living room
c. with room partition wall block in bed room
d. 8.2 meters away from router in bed room
e. using note book: hp ProBook (brand new)
f. using software: OOKLA Speedtest

The explanations of low speed wireless connection from SingTel are as below,

1. Signal blocked by the walls and furniture,
2. our computers/devices are too far away from the router,
3. our devices are not good enough,
4. our neighborhood or other customers nearby using the same signal channel,
5. comparing with the new HDB flat, the walls of old HDB flat blocks signal seriously,
6. the signals go and turn 90 degree to our computers/devices,

And SingTel advise on the possible solutions,

1. Because the speed can reach 229 mbps using the fixed cable, to lay wire and use the fixed cable,
2. to relocate the router to center point of the house so that the computer is not too far away from router,
3. to add one more router,
4. to use extension wire to move the wireless adaptor near to the router,
5. to spend S$300 to buy another router by customer,

We do think the solutions proposed by SingTel are not reasonable and/or fair to customers.

The nature and truth of this issue is SingTel choses a poor quality router and provides poor services.

We would like to seek SingTel kind assistance and strong support to resolve this problem with a proper solution to provide at least 30 mbps wireless connection any point in our house. 30mbps wireless connection is not over demanding.

May 11, 2015

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