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Singer Specs / Unknown prices

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I went to singer specs for an eye exam they are not sure about the price they said its around $60.00 does the price change daily like oil or gold. How can a store not know the price of their products or services? If I get glasses or contacts the price might change after I order them I afraid to buy them at that store. I think a big company like that should not be so wishy washy, why are they so afraid to quote an exact price to there customers. I don’t think I want to do business with singer specs.

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  • In
      4th of Mar, 2009
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    My experience with Singer Specs Westmoreland Mall Greensburg, PA is that the majority of the people that work there are not too friendly and they all seem to want to be the boss. I agree about the complaint that they aren't clear about their prices. I did give them my business for several years but this past year I decided to go elsewhere. I got a big run around over the phone about prices, etc. and I was completely turned off by the person on the phone trying to be the BOSS! Hopefully, the owner of this franchise will get more envolved and see their business is decreasing and why.

  • Si
      4th of May, 2009
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    Singer Specs has been one of the better companies out there. Unfortunately these complaints have been from a lack of understanding. For example a contact lens exam is different then regular eye exam no matter where you go. Also if you’re using vision insurance restrictions would apply. The price varies by what type of insurance coverage you have.

  • Ve
      7th of May, 2009
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    Nature of service: Replace left lens on existing pair of glasses

    Time frame given by Singer Specs: 7-10 days.

    It took 34.

    Alleged Problems: Application of Anti Reflective Coating failed 3 to 4 times causing massive delays.

    Singer Spects contracted these out to Three Rivers Optical (who contracted it out to a third and then fourth source which were unnamed.. in fact when I spoke with Michael at Three Rivers he not only REFUSED to give me the names, but REFUSED to give me ANY information at all. Very unprofessional and unacceptable).

    I subsequently informed Singer Specs that to whom they contract their services is a DIRECT reflection on THEIR business. He assured me that this was an isolated incident. I assure you that it is not. Please look for yourselves on complaint sites such as this, as well as and others (if you merely google singer specs you will see a few right off the bat). I wish I had done so before giving them my business.

    Only AFTER citing my severe disatisfaction and dissapointment with the service did the manager give a paltry 15 % discount. It was never offered prior.

    When did companies decide that they DESERVED the same compensation for a job well done (or done at all)and a job barely done and frought with problems (taking 3-4 times the time)? What incentive do they have to do their jobs correctly and in a timely manner?

    And to top the whole thing off, when the glasses were finally returned to me, the lens that they replaced had tiny marks all over it. I now have to return to their shop and find out why after all this time the lens is in the state that it is in.

    I was also informed by my optometrist, that as a result of not having my glasses (and having to wear my contact lenses for every waking hour of the day) I now have swelling on BOTH my corneas. Bravo Singer Specs.. Bravo.

    One of the WORST retail experiences EVER.

  • Go
      6th of Nov, 2010
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    Not only am I having a major problem with the anti-reflective coating, the store rep tried to tell me at first that my glasses were scratched. It was only after I got a second opinion that two store employees agreed that the coating was defective. (Of course just a week after the warranty expired.) In fact, I was told Singer Specs no longer carries my particular type of glare coating. These employees also told me that my glasses were pretty much the worst case they've seen. They said it was up to me to dispute this with my insurance provider. I choose to wear "old" contacts the next evening to see a play, instead of looking through "fogged lenses". Woke up the next day with a major eye infection. Went to Singer Specs to ask the doctor to phone in an antibiotic drop. She never even came out of her office to speak directly to me, choosing instead to speak through an employee, even thought she could clearly see & hear me! She offered to examinie my eyes, except I would have to claim this visit under my medical insurance and give her the $30 co-pay! I know she clearly heard me when I stated that if she wasn't going to, at the very least, talk to me directly, she would lose two long term customers. There has been a continuous turn-over of employees there over the years. The only one who is constant has the same snarly personality as the owner, and I think may be related. There are just too many choices in eye care to put up with the arrogant attitude of this franchise. Kudos to all the nice "little people" that worked there over the years and have decidedly moved on.

  • 1c
      6th of Jul, 2012
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    I had the same problem with the anti-reflective coating. Same story. I have had to have my glasses remade several times. Each time they have replaced them with a cheaper lens. I purchased digital lens and did not receive digital. My coatings have been different colors on my lens. I am so frustrated. They were not always like this. Many years ago I referred many people there. I have been a very long time customer. I feel sad that I have to look elsewhere for my families glass wear but I am not feeling that I have any choice. Very poor quality and I lost trust with Singer Spec when they replaced my very expensive lens with a cheap low quality lens when they had to replace them due to their mistake.

  • Ja
      28th of Jul, 2015
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    I hate this place. There told me after I paid 450.00 that I had to pay another 50 got anti was to be on the glasses and they never put it on!! They are liers and just want your money! Everyone up there claims to be a manger!! Do go there!!! Beware!! Don't waste your money!!

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