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What a scam pennyauction site! I bought $85 worth of "Bids" (110 bids) to be able to bid on an iPad mini which starts at 11:30PM. I placed a bid and was immediately outbid by username Kenny45 who was outbid as well by another user. These 2 users kept outbidding each other at $0.05 increments (keep in mind that 1 bid is almost around $1) until $60 when the other user stopped bidding (around 2:30am) all the while I was monitoring the auction and the time their bids were placed seemed to have a pattern, only bidding when the clock is at 28, 24, 16 and 14 seconds (rough estimate). So when I placed my bid for the iPad, Kenny45 kept outbidding me and the same bidding pattern could be observed. After 30 bids I stopped bidding and let go of the item as it was getting more and more obvious that this was a scam.

The next day I tried bidding for a disney pen and was also outbid by another user name chinchowmilk. This had the same observable pattern when placing bids as I was unhappy with my "bids" purchase, I decided to use up all 80 bids as they were now worthless. The auction went up to $7.95 and of course chinchowmilk won which is not what a normal person would do since I just spent all my points ($80 worth) on a $70+ dollar item and he still outbid me, so I'm now out $85.

If you take time to observe the ended auctions, the same usernames keep winning the auctions. Big ticket items go for ridiculously low prices but when you try bidding on it, it seems impossible to win. So people, please learn from my mistake and STAY AWAY FROM THIS SITE.

Apr 18, 2014

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