Singapore Woodlands immigration / horrible custom officer - sergeant nur hafizah

This incident happened on 25th Nov 2017, Saturday 11.00pm at the Woodlands customs immigration checkpoint from JB to Singapore.
I had scan my PASSPORT as per normal and proceeded to place my thumprint on the fingerprint machine.  However even after repeated attempts of placing my thumprint, the scanner could still could not read my thumbprint.  It was already frustrating for me as it has been a long day and I was tired.  Being a Saturday night and everyone was rushing back to Singapore.  The screen then pop up the message to see the immigration officer once the door open.   However as i was waiting for the panel door to open and amidst all the noises around, I heard a lady's voice shouting loudly from a distance '  Go back & scan your PASSPORT! Go back & scan ur PASSPORT! I looked up as I was wondering who was qqshouting so rudely & to whom?  I realised then that an Immigration Officer was standing behind the Centre counter on an elevated platform was actually shouting at the top of her lungs at me! Imagine the Officer was 2 metres away & shouting so loudly like I was some deaf & dumb [censor].

Here I was 2metres away, amidst the crowd, the noise of the automated doors opening & closing the Officer was shouting telling me what to do.  I was truly shocked and humiliated at the way she behaved & shouted from where she was infront of hundreds of people who were queing trying to get through the automated PASSPORT machine.  She could have  just ask for the male officer who was actually on the floor standing by to assist me.

Despite me re-scanning my PASSPORT, the machine still could not read my fingerprint.  The automated door finally opened & I had to see the Immigration officer.  I then approached the Officer (Sergeant Nur Hafizah) who shouted at me and in a rude tone of voice she asked me to move to another officer to get my fingerprint re-scanned.

As a Singaporean I feel truly ashamed & embarassed  for the behaviour of Sergeant Nur Hafizah.  Being in a public service, is this the exemplary behaviour & standard of Singapore Customs Immgiration towards welcoming visitors coming through to Singapore?  I travel to Malaysia quite frequently and have met many Malaysian immigration & customs officers.  However no matter how long the queue were & whatever issues happen, they were always respectful and maintain their professionalism.

I have never come acrossed such arrogance and [censor] Immigration officer such as Sergeant Nur Hafizah.  I am horrified how someone like her could be a Sergeant, holding the roles & responsibilities to represent the Singapore Immigration & be the face of a Singaporean welcoming visitors from Malaysia coming into Singapore.   Is this how low our Singapore service standards has become?

I generally do not bother to write in feedbacks when I encounter below par service standards,   however this experience has left such a bitter after taste for me.  As a Singaporean I feel that I am compelled to write this in, share my experience & highlight to you the incident.   A great day spent in Jb was horribly destroyed by what I experienced by the nasty & disrespectful fellow Singaporean & Customs officer.  I will never forget this incidence and will share to everyone  what a horrible officer Sergeant Nur Hafizah was.

I strongly recomment the management to address this unacceptable behaviour of Sergeant Nur Hafizah and take necessary disciplinary action against her.  She should be re-trained on basic counter customer service as a public service officer.   She should also be re-assign to a backroom job where she does not have contact with the public and cause any further embarrassment to herself & the Singapore custom immigration division.

Nov 26, 2017

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