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10 reasons not to visit Singapore.
1)Singapore immigration officers are horrible and bad attitude, ill tempered.
2) Airport Security staff demanding money, bribe, gifts due to economy getting worse and worse, beginning of bribe culture
3) Racism, Singaporean treat people from third world as very low and they have no human respect.
4) Any club, restaurant treatment according to skin color and nationality.
5) Overcharging, cheating common by shop-keepers,
6) Hotels cheating, poor service, high taxes and service charges, rude and full of attitude. If they don't learn better do not promote tourism
7) Risky and unsecured tourist places with bad and poor quality equipment, rides also overpriced.
8) Locals drink on street and roads after 10 pm. not very safe to walk - police is of no use.
9) common man of Singapore thinks he is next to god, and they think what they do is correct and no body can question them.
10) Most commercial locations are turning into sex shops, pole dancing junction, pick up joints and you find prostitutes chasing you all the time.

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      16th of Apr, 2012

    I am from Mainland China . I was not allowed in Casino at Marina Sands even after showing my passport. They have two lines, one for locals another for whites, and rest of Asians are treated in very bad manner, they have special checks. Many of them are not allowed with no good reasons. Have not seen this type of racism and bad attitude in Macau or any other casino or tourist places world wide.

    I still wonder why people go to expensive Singapore where prices have been tripled for everything after economic fall-down to china. Now if we do not give business or other countries like India, this country will die and Singaporean will force to beg like Russian crisis couple of years ago or like Egyptians etc.

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      19th of Sep, 2012

    2) Airport Security staff demanding money, bribe, gifts due to economy getting worse and worse, beginning of bribe culture

    Seriously? The Corruption perceptions index released by Transparency International listed Singapore as fifth in their top 10 list of the world's least corrupt countries.

    I think you are confusing Singapore with one of our neighboring countries. No one from Singapore would dare to even CONSIDER asking for a bribe. And if you do offer a bribe to a govt official, well then, I hope you have enough cash on you to pay for your bail...

    7) Risky and unsecured tourist places

    Singapore was ranked the safest city in the Asia-Pacific and the world’s eighth safest city by Mercer in 2011

    8) Locals drink on street after 10 pm. not very safe to walk.

    Last I checked, Singapore wasn't an Islamic country, so it really isn't against the law to be drinking.

    I mean, I've got issues with Singapore myself, but you just aren't making any sense. Where are you coming from man? Please try to grow a brain instead of spouting such nonsense.

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