Singapore Airlines / unable to use booked flights due to critical illness and a refund not given

Scarborough, Western Australia, Australia
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Hi, I booked and paid for return flights from Brisbane for myself and my husband to Phuket Thailand SQ246 and Silk Air SQ5050 departing on Monday 29th February 2016, return flights SQ5057 Silk Air and SQ255 Friday 11 March 2016 then Signapore to Brisbane on Saturday 12 March 2016 for a well earned holiday. In total the amount for these flights cost $1857.92 in total. Unfortuneately I became critically ill requiring hospitalisation for 67 days so could not fly on the dates I paid for myself and my husband. I was off work for 8 months and have only really recovered from this life threatening illness recently. My husband contacted Singapore Airlines here in Australia well before we were due to fly to Thailand to inform them of our family situation as I was close to death. Neither of us could take these flights, but your airline representatives here in Australia has refused to refund the cost of these flights to us or even give us a credit to use this on other flights. My husband provided doctors certificates and statements showing I was in intensive care, but your airline did nothing but say we are not entitled to a refund. Most other airlines I have dealth with when I have been ill and provided actual evidence including a doctor's certificates stating I was ill have refunded the air faires immediately. But your company has not done this. I would like your assistance is getting a refund or a credit for these flights as they cost a lot of money that I can ill afford to just let go of. I am happy to provide all the information again including doctor's certificates etc so this can be rectified. Please contact me at your earliest convenience to get this matter sorted. Thanks and regards Kim Rogers, Brisbane Australia

  • Updated by Kim Rogers, May 11, 2017

    I will send doctors certificates as required

May 11, 2017

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