Singapore Airlines / inflight condition


Dear Sirs,

I took a SQ flight from Singapore to Taiwan on 13 February (SQ 878) 2019.

This is one of the worst flight I have ever experience with Singapore Airline. The flight was running full & to my dismay, 2 of the lavatories located at the back of the aircraft were unavailable due to maintenance.

For a world class airline like SQ, this is unimaginable! How could SQ arrange for an aircraft with the basic facility not available on a full flight especially when it is not a short haul? To add to this, even the kris world is not properly maintained & because one of the passengers asked to reset hers, resulting in the unavailability for all... it took almost a good 15 mins before it became available again.

These episodes had set me wondering if the standard of SQ has been compromised?


Feb 16, 2019

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