SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / Buyers beware

1 12 North 6th street, Redlands, CA, US
Contact information:
Phone: 909-963-0151

Placed an order & was charged immediately but never received any tracking number or any information about my order. Called many times and sent numerous emails asking for information about my order but I got no replies. I needed the dress for my daughter by a certain date so I kept calling until I finally got some girl Linda on the phone. She claimed my order had not been shipped yet so I asked to cancel my order & she said she couldn't based on their policy. I asked to speak to a manager, when I was told he was busy & I would get a call back. No one ever called me back & I still never received my dress. I have called several times a day, sent more emails to still get no reply. Buyers beware! They have changed their name from which had terrible reviews!


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