Simplycellular / Fraud & Rip Off Scam

1 CA, United States
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This company is a total ripoff, I beg people out there NOT to do business with them!!! I sent in two phones, they took three days to even open the package, once they did they sent me an e-mail stating that they cannot accept my phone because they don't accept those kinds of phone, it was a mint condition smart phone less then two months old. So, they said they will recycle it for me, we all know that they will try to sell it on eBay and NOT recycle it. They say they don't accept it but the site has that phone listed along with a cash offer which I thought was better then some other sites that buy phones. Do not do business with them they are a scam company that will trick people into buying your phone then turn around and say they can't offer you anything for it. Stay away from

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