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Simply wireless / They steal your money

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In October 2007 I purchased a 2 year cell phone contract with T-Mobile from a Simply Wireless stand at Landmark Mall Alexandria. However, the voice mail set-up did not work. I tried to fix it with T-Mobile, but they referred me back to Simply Wireless. At Simply Wireless they could not fix it either and referred me back to T-Mobile. When I reported this to T-Mobile, I again did not get any help and I cancelled my contract with them in December 2007, for which T-Mobile charged me US$200, which they forgave in April 08 after much writing. I returned to the manager at Simply Wireless to return the phone in December but he did not want to take the phone back because it was past the 14-day "buyers remorse" period. Meanwhile, without warning, Simply Wireless sent me a letter on March 7 08 charging me US$400 for breaking their contract. Since their template letter also states that if I thought that I received their letter in error, I could write them within ten days, I did so on March 14-08. I never heard from Simply Wireless but they charged my credit card for the US$400 fine anyway: I refuse to accept this.

The Simply Wireless contract is legally completely biased to them and leaves no room for the customer if something is wrong with the phones. They even make you sign that they have the right to withdraw the US$400 fine from your credit card if you stop the contract. In my view, these types of contracts are illegal. Simply Wireless is a bad company for that reason and Pissed Consumer should let anyone know.


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  • Mr
      24th of Apr, 2009
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    I got ripped in 2005, so that means that my warning on the internet were not heeded. I placed my complaints to the BBB and also on the internet on I wish i knew about this site, if so i would have written my complaint here as well for simplywireless. They are a total fraud. Do not deal with this company.

    I have come to learn that company's that you have to deal with over the internet and over the phone need to be looked into carefully. If they are well known and name brands that you can have some confidence.

  • Rm
      12th of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes
    Simply wireless - They will took your money if you blink
    Simply Wireless
    District of Columbia
    United States

    In March 11, 2009 I went to one of their store located in 14th St NW Washington DC looking to get two Sim Cards with T-Mobile Flexpay service to use with my phones, once there and after some insistence from the salesman I was sold "Two free mobile phones with T-Mobile Flexpay without contract", but later the same day I had to return both phones directly in the store because I found that indeed they had a 2 years contract each one even if the seller was trying to tell me that because the phones were Flexpaid that meant there was no contract.

    Three months later (June 2009) I received an ETF billing notification from T-Mobile for 400$. I called and explained what originally happened and went to the store to get help solving this problem and finally T-Mobile acknowledged that this phones were indeed returned in less than one day and that the service was never used so it was a mistake and retired the charges.

    The big problem came last week when I received a billing notification from SimplyWireless ETF Department charging me 400$ for "breach of contract". One more time I went to the store angry but confident that it would be corrected because it was the same situation, but I was wrong now there was a new salesman in the store that wasn't very helpful, he insisted that he was unable even to call or try to solve or explain the problem to their ETF Department (it looks to me that he already knew about this practice), my only option was to write or call directly, so I did, but no matter what their only response was that I committed a "Breach of contract" because the system says the service was active 82 days and it's my fault that the service wasn't deactivated when I returned the phones even if T-Mobile clearly stated that in fact it was a mistake not attributable to me, they don't care about the customer and they only want your money, the saddest thing is that T-Mobile won't help because they say this is a different company. The last thing a representative of this shady company sent me was a link to "the complete terms and agreement" in their webpage that has many things written that aren't specified in the document that it's signed in their stores.

    After this experience I wouldn't even come close to T-Mobile or Simply Wireless, although T-Mobile recognized the problem they should be more careful with their business associates and help their customers against this scams.

  • Li
      1st of Mar, 2012
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    Simply Wireless is the worst that they is. I got a cellphone on January 09 and had the company of simply wireless give me one with t-mobile but not changing the phone number that i had with Verizon. because i wanted to keep that same number. they said everything was going to be fine. they gave me the cell with other # and in a day or two change it to the other one. everything was great. But a few days ago 2012 i am buying a house and they check my credit score and appears a money not pay to simply wireless. When I call to the collection company United Financial the guy was very rude and said that simply wireless has all the right and I was wrong because I change the plan days later of buying the phone. This is all wrong I never did that. Wen I call T-mobile to confirm that I never change the plan they back me up and said I was right that maybe the problems is that appears that if I change the plan because I had change the number (that they said was going to be OK and no changes or cost) . When I call the collection company again I explain it to them and the guy send a "email" to simply wireless explaining the situation. The email came back saying that because they change the number the plan change. So at the end even that I am pissed and know that the company never said that would happened I had to pay because I want to have a home. I am so mad. This company is the worst. They don't said anything and then charge money for it. And United Financial service is way the same because they never send me a letter of collection and give the account on lost in my credit report. plus they don't have good costumer service.

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