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Simply Satisfying Soaps / Simply Satisfying Soaps is not responsible for it's products

1 United States

This letter is concerning a company by the name of Simply Satisfying Soaps located on 7719 W. Hunterhill Street, Dunnellon, FL 34433.

I am writing you this letter as I'm very disturbed. A few weeks ago I went to her website to sign up as a rep. There was a little agreement online but I did not sign anything. She told me to order the kit and she'll send me the agreement. So I did that. When I got the kit the agreement inside was very different than the one I saw online! The information found in the manual was different than what I saw online. I did not sign the agreement as I did not agree with it. The main thing that disturbed me on the agreement was when it said, ' Simply Satisfying Soaps is not responsible for it's products'. I did not think this was right so I emailed her requesting a refund and I told her why. She told me she would not give me a cash refund and that I would have to take store credit. I told her about the two different agreements and that is was her liability for not putting it online. And I told her that if I had known that I would not have signed up. She agreed to give me back my money provided that I made sure the kit was sent back in good shape. So I made sure the tops were screwed on properly, the packaging peanuts was put in properly and the every package was sealed. I spent about $10.85 to send it back.

She sent me an email (telling a fib I belive)and said the box was leaking when she got it and that I would not get a refund! I was boiling mad! I told her it was impossible! I must admitt this she did take pictures of the kit and emailed it to me but I feel it was set up! It may sound strange but it happens all the time. The post office would not have sent it to her if the box was leaking. They would have sent it back to me.

I know this from when a friend tried to send me something, the box leaked, and the post office sent it back to her. So I know this from experience.

I spent $25 for the kit plus $10 for the shipping. Then I spent about another $10.85 to send it back to her. I could understand that the ten dollars she used to send to me be not refunded. I understand that. But I want $35 dollars back because it cost $25 for the kit and it cost me over $10 to ship it back and I feel she should pay that because she is lying! She also lied to Paypal too. I went to Paypal and they said they could not help me because they cannot guarentee the condition of the contents before it was shipped to me.

A few days

To help keep me as a potential future customer, I would like the following:

So not I'm coming to you. I want $35 back because it cost $25 for the kit and it cost me about $10 to ship it back. I want to be paid for my shipping because she is lying! She only took a few pictures. But she did not take pictures of everything. If she wants to play game with the post office I can get a statement from them and see if the box was leaking-which I highly doubt it was. Thank you.

At the very least I would like a response from your company regarding this incident. Thank you for your time.


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