Simply Organic Sleep / Watch out for inferior workmanship & bedbugs

I WARN ALL before buying a bed from this company. Seam stitches came apart just putting it together because being made of latex, the mattress was 'ultra-heavy', which made assembly and handling nearly impossible and in turn caused the stitches to instantly rip apart. And if you think that is bad, think again. It got much worse when I found BEDBUGS inside one of the plastic bags that materials were shipped in. When I called the company that manufactures and sells the mattress, they claimed that the mattress was brand new plus they take extra steps to insure that any kind of bugs are strictly controlled. I assure anyone reading this that there WERE bedbugs in the bag. How do bedbugs even get into a facility where BRAND NEW mattresses are being manufactured??? I should also add that the man I talked to at the company was totally rude to me insinuating that I was just making up the story in order to get a refund. However, I did ship the mattress back to them just as the man instructed and I have yet to see my refund. And that has been over 2 months ago. But, they sure didn't have any problem banking my money within 3 days that I spent it. I might also add that repackaging the mattress to return it was extremely difficult given the total weight of the materials used to create it.

Do yourselves a huge favor, buy from a reputable local retailer. That way, if a problem does arise, you can work face-to-face with them to resolve the problem. Local retailers certainly don't want a blemished record and will do everything in their power to avoid it. A lot of internet retailers do their business on the internet specifically to avoid direct contact with customers in my opinion. I reckon now I know why. DO NOT BUY FROM SIMPLY ORGANIC SLEEP ... YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!

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