Simply Organic Sleep / Beware people

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I purchased a mattress from Simply Organic Sleep over a year ago and never received it. After reading some of these reviews that are posted I found out that they had changed their name to Green Mattresses. I found a toll free number on the website and called and the phone was answered by Daryl/Derald the same man that sold me my mattress at Simply Organic Sleep. I asked him how to spell his name he changed the spelling but I know from talking to him on various occasions and for a very long time it was the same man. I asked him if it was the same company and that if he had worked for Simply Organic Sleep? He acted like he didn't know what I was talking about.

I then explain to him that I had gotten a mattress from him and never received it he asked for my number and said someone would call me back. I told him that wouldn't work and could I have a number to call them tomorrow. He hung up on me.

Everyone please be careful and do you research before you spend a large amount of money or you may be in the same predicament as me. I have filed a complaint with the BBB although they have a F at the BBB and I filed a claim dispute with my credit card company. My advice don't buy a mattress from a man named Daryl at Green Mattress or any other name that Simply Organic Sleep goes by now.


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