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Simply Lean / Unauthorized billing

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Many people have already been scammed by ordering Simply Lean Green Tea and other weight loss products. It is not until after you have clicked on "order" that the fine print is there, and if you don't know to look for it, your screwed. If you really want to try the stuff, order it, and the second you receive it call the company to cancel your subscription, otherwise your credit card will be charged with over $90 because unknowingly you have agreed to order monthly supplies. Once you cancel make sure you get the persons name you have spoken with. A safer way to order these type products is buy a pre-paid credit card... then when they go to take more money from you they can't.

As far as getting viruses on your computer by clicking on these sites or opening up their advertising emails (and that goes for many other products), what I do is this. If i'm interested in finding out more about a product, I do NOT click on their advertisements or open up their e-mails. I put the name of the company in Google and then type "& scam", i.e. "Simply Lean tea & scam". By doing that you will immediately find out if people have been scammed by the particular product your looking at and you can be an educated consumer BEFORE opening yourself up to false advertising, people taking money from you, and of course whether or not the product does what they say it does.

I learned the hardway, but at least I did this the day I received the product and was alerted fast enough to immediately call the company and "cancel" my account with them. I was lucky because I did it fast enough that my credit card was not credited like many others. The only reason I even had the insight to check into it was that after I received it I thought there was a pretty large amount of their product they sent me and thought to myself "Hmmm... I wonder if there is a catch", and fortunately I checked it out on google (see below).

Regarding Simply Lean in particular, the product comes in a jar with a good amount of little packets (three different flavors). At first it tastes very good, but there is an awful aftertaste. I have not lost any weight with it, as they claim. I do drink what I have of it (I will NOT reorder), but I have managed to drown out the aftertaste by adding both lemon or lime, and a few tablespoons of good'ol liptons Green Tea powder form.


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