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I purchased some extension hair on They charged me for 3 packages, and when they came, we installed the hair, and it all tangled, got matted and started to shed within hours. They wont reply to my emails. I have wasted all this money and my hair is crap, I cant even get it out without it ripping out some of my own hair. Do not buy from them! This hair is from a disgusting animal. I now have to purchase hair elsewhere and pay someone to fix my own hair. That company is a disgrace.

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  • Rc
      30th of May, 2008
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    Simplistic Pleasures is a Canadian company committed to excellence and in no way or form accepts this false claim made by an employee of "", they are trying to refute this companies reputation and do not realize the tremendous legal issues they are developing for themselves. Due to court proceedings, no further comments can be made at this time.

    Please do not participate in slander that the person above wrote, it is a false claim.

    Simplistic Pleasures is a member of the Better Business Bureau and has a fair exchange policy. The hair offered is of fine quality guaranteed.

    Mention code: RIP78000 when ordering and get 10% off your order for wasting your time here.

    Thank you for placing your trust in us and we look forward to the orders of REAL customers, unlike the persons here who have nothing better to do then make false complaints against honest businesses because theirs is in shambles.

    Thank you for your time.

    C/O: Simplistic Pleasures

    Note: All false complaints submitted by "" will be used in a civil case filed against this company, also suing "maddog productions", Benai Noeller and all employees of "". These people and business are defendants in the civil case filed in the Supreme court of Canada and is awaiting serving of the defendants to commence legal matters. Any further false allegations will be collected and used as evidence against the persons named above.

  • Ae
      17th of Jun, 2008
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    I beleive that International Wig would do something like that. Even they tried to threatnened me and they did business with us. I'm looking out for any slanderous and libel comments. I really hope they do something like this as I will be taking them to court also. This company needs to be shut down. Their are numerous complaints across the web. My experience was the following and this happened today June 17, 2008.


    From: International Wig
    To: ************>

    Sent: Tue, 17 Jun 2008 12:38 pm
    Subject: Re: Order Invoice #26520

    "two can play your game. let the fun begin"

    On Tue, Jun 17, 2008 at 9:37 AM, International Wig wrote:

    "we will be reporting your lice ridden indian hair imports to the BBB as well
    have a great day"

    "that three year old info was displayed on your order form you idiot! you put it thru- NOT US
    [censored]in ###!"

    On Tue, Jun 17, 2008 at 9:49 AM, wrote:

    "ok contact my bank. I will be contacting my bank also. There is a charge pending on my account and if the charge doesn't come off or is credited back to my card I will report this also to my bank. For your information I'm the credit card holder and I know for a fact you don't have valid info claiming this is fradulent. Your going by the info in the profile I setup which is out of date. That info is 3 years old.
    I still didn't lose anything but you did".

    -----Original Message-----
    From: International Wig
    To: **********

    Sent: Tue, 17 Jun 2008 12:36 pm
    Subject: Re: Order Invoice #26520

    "kindly do report us
    we are already in process of reporting you, and to your CC bank as well
    post all you want- we dont accept fraudulent orders. we have proof your order is such
    dont email here anymore! thanks"!

    On Tue, Jun 17, 2008 at 9:34 AM, <**********> wrote:

    No one is blaming you. Obviously you can't understand English. I said it was my fault for not updating my profile. You don't know how your own system works. Just the same you WILL NOT have to worry about me ordering from you again and perhaps a lot of future customers will not after they see my experience. I will report you to the Better Business Bureau and list you on several sites and hair boards about this experience. This is unacceptable customer service and rude behavior.
    I also have a factory and run my business online and know how to treat customers. Do not email me again or I will report this to the proper authorities.

    -----Original Message-----
    From: International Wig

    To: **********
    Sent: Tue, 17 Jun 2008 12:25 pm
    Subject: Re: Order Invoice #26520

    see? you blame your faults on us
    no order would be accepted
    i am having your acocunt flagged for fraud"

    On Tue, Jun 17, 2008 at 9:12 AM, <**********> wrote:

    Oh, that info is wrong. That phone number is an old number I had from approx. 3 years ago. I signed up with you to place an order a while ago but I didn't acutally place an order just created a profile. I do get advertising to my email address. Ok, I forgot to change my profile information. I'm not going to argue with you over something small. The way you're handling this and the customer service is bad. Your loss just the same. I will not be placiing any orders or future orders with you.

    thank you

    -----Original Message-----
    From: International Wig
    To: **********
    Sent: Tue, 17 Jun 2008 10:29 am
    Subject: Re: Order Invoice #26520

    # YOU GAVE IS (**********phone number)?

    On Sun, Jun 15, 2008 at 5:11 PM, <**********> wrote:

    Thank you for shopping with International Wig���®.

    Please find your detailed invoice below. If there are any discrepancies with it, please respond to this email.

    Thank you and enjoy your items!


    Your Order Number is: 26520

    Your order was submitted on: Sunday 15 June, 2008 at 05:11:54 PM PDT

    The products you have purchased are as follows:


    1 x Alicia XL (GT_AliciaXL) = $54.99

    Second Color Choice None

    First Color Choice 2


    Sub-Total: $54.99

    Combined Express Shipping: $24.98

    Grand Total: $79.97

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