Simple Truth / deception

1 Lakewood CO, United States

I believe King Soopers is engaging (at an executive level of management) in a false advertising and deceptive marketing scheme with their "Simple Truth" brand of products. The company uses the word "natural" in their simple truth ads and then couples that with Simple Truth "Organic" products in the same small ad snippet. Unwary consumers are purchasing the "natural" (non - organic) from of the simple truth products, at a higher retail price than their store brand products when they are essentially the same items. Customers are being led to believe that this is an organic product, and all this is all done with deceptive labeling and marketing techniques. I firmly believe there is a conscious effort on the part of King Soopers to deceive with this branding. I attempted to download a pic of one such ad but my pic was unable to format properly. I would be glad to send a pic from a newspaper clipping of what I believe to be a very misleading Simple truth ad to you via email if so desired. Thank you

Jul 30, 2014

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