Simple Brite / Fraud!!

This company is a total FRAUD!!! They will mislead you into believing that you only pay $1 plus $5.95 shipping fees for a one-time trial size of their product! They will send you the product along with a letter saying that you are automatically enrolled in their membership program... a couple of days after that they will take $117.95 from your account. Don't even bother to call them, you're only gonna hear their machine saying that you're the next caller in 2 minutes...and nobody will pick up! I guess they don't have customer service, because their company is a fraud!!! they will keep charging your card and never send you any other product!!
The only way to get out is to cancel your credit card. Don't even worry about filing a claim with your bank, once you give them your CC info they can't do anything about it. Yeah...thank you CHASE!
So please, beware, don't get caught in this trap!!! I don't even know how this company can function in United States...

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