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Dear Sir,
Good day. My issue is here in our unpaid wage for the month of January. We've been working for 29 days with Simple Bedding as Assistant Brand Manager (freelance contractor). Last January 31 our employer Nile Kennedy sent us email stating for ceased of operation and they cannot send us our salary. Please find below the last email of Mr. Kennedy:
Nile Jan 31to Office, jobs
I live with deep remorse and a heavy heart for our inability to meet
payroll obligations to
this remote team today.

I owe you all an explanation.

Without getting into deep specifics that I'm sure none of you care
about. A scheduled
round of much needed operational business development funding
promised to us in early
January, failed to deliver as scheduled.

Because this has a potentially fatal impact on the brand and your
compensation, I am still appealing this unexpected scenario.

This is the true reason for my early abrupt, and unannounced
departure from your
country and your critical and early training cycle.

Despite this temporary business setback, I feel a personal sense of
responsibility to make
good on your compensation. Be aware that I am currently working
diligently to make good
on the money owed to you based on our agreement. Give me some
time, I'll get you
what is owed and I'll have it sent to your pay pal accounts on

Bear with me please during this turbulent period & please cease
from all operations during
this period of restructuring.

I am aware of all suffering caused by this event, please understand
that I require my focus
to remedy this situation ASAP. Any other distractions related to
this event are uninvited
and counter productive.

Yours respectfully-

Sir, all we want is the our salary of US$ 300. We don't mind if they will not give us our commision or incentive as what they promised to us. We are in debt since January, and we need the money badly for payment. I have kids to feed. Hope they understand that.

Your kindest attention to this matter is highly appreciated.

Thank you and God bless.

Sincerely Yours,
Gee delos Reyes

Feb 24, 2014

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