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Simi Valley Chrysler / Dealer writes bad check

1 United States

Traded in a vehicle on 8/22/ law (California Car Buyer's Protection Act 11709.4) the dealership has 21 days to pay it off..they took 55!! Even though we notified them NUMEROUS times of the situation and not only was NOTHING done- but no one ever returned any calls!!..This caused me to have to make an additional payment on a car I was no longer in possession of so as to avoid a delinquent payment and lowered credit score...All the while the interest was accruing on the loan making the payoff higher than I had stated upon trade in (an amount which I verified with the bank to assure accuracy)..dealership refused to refund my $450!! We have made MULTIPLE calls, and have not gotten a single call back (oh wait- I did get one call back from the finance manager basically telling me it's not his problem and passed it off to another finance man)... My husband had to go to the dealership in a rage and speak to MULTIPLE finance men and both owners-- the owner, Ed, finally gave us a check for the money owed-- AND IT BOUNCED!! It came back stamped non sufficient funds!! THIS coming from a PLACE OF BUSINESS! Simply unacceptable!

Plus- They were trying to sell a vehicle that was in MY NAME, being paid for BY ME- and they had it on their lot! Can you say ILLEGAL!?!?! When we told them this- all they could say was "yeah, yeah, we know..." WTH!? Then DO SOMETHING!!! They KNOWINGLY break the law at the customers expense!! And when I say expense- I really DO mean 'expense' as it cost us money that they refuse to re-pay!!

In addition, the car they sold us has been in the shop twice since we purchased it- both times for the same problem- the rear brakes..the second time we took it in my husband called at the end of the day and they told us the front brakes were fine-- it was there for the REAR BRAKES!! They had it all day and weren't even looking at the right problem!

Even when we DID get the truck returned- it was never fixed properly...incompetent to say the least..

I would HIGHLY recommend that anyone looking for a vehicle shop elsewhere.. I have never experienced a higher degree of incompetence at a car dealership... If a customer notifies you of an ILLEGAL BUSINESS PRACTICE you are participating in-- FIX IT!! Especially if it is as simple as someone just not doing their job and letting paperwork sit!!


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