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Promised a 5000 dollar loan @ 6% which for my case was good laid off and tryting to save my home so when they said I needed a deposit I did question it but he explained it like you put a deposit on a car home so it no different being desperate idiots we sent 1100 dollars not to New York but Cranbrook Canada where the alleged investing lender was the money was promised the next day nothing when my husband called the next day they told him the invester wanted another 1100 dollars without my presence my husband sent the money we were to the wire on our home nothing we called to get our money back and were told they are being sued & it will be a while I just want justice as everyone else who have been scammed by these unsavory people


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      Aug 24, 2009

    I recieved a letter from the Attorney General of New York. They appologized to me and said that they do not help individual cases. So I'm assuming if we all send the Attorney General something they will help. I have the complaint form if anyone wants it.

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      Sep 03, 2009

    QUOTE: Legitimate loan companies DO NOT require any payment up front to get the loan and there are NO legitimate loan companies on the internet.

    Actually, that's not entirely true. CITIBANK required we pay 2500 up front to secure an auto loan for our Yukon. We did that, and the loan was given to us.

    So, I think this is where the confusion begins. There ARE legit companies that require you to pay up front... you just have to be sure they are INDEED legitimate.

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