SilverScript Insurance Companymedicare part d

I convince my doctor to reduce my medication from 120 tabs per month down to 90 per month, this should have reduced my co-pay cost, to my surprise, it did not.
Calling Silverscript did not benefit me at all. After being on the phone with the customer service rep for 20 minutes he kept telling me that the cost doesn’t change because it is for a 90-day supply and me telling him that it was not a 90-day supply but a 30-day supply.
Because this customer service person started to get a too bad take it or leave attitude I asked to speak to a supervisor.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Phoenix, AZ
At first, he refused to let me speak to a supervisor saying that he could file the complaint, my complaint was about him. I had to repeat my request multiple time before he would put me in touch with a supervisor.
He told me that I would be on hold for 45 minutes before a supervisor would talk to me, my reply was I would wait. Every two minutes he would come back and ask if I was still waiting just to tell me you have 43 minutes, then 41 minutes. Now, I hang up and called back and 5 minutes’ later I am talking to a supervisor telling her my story.
This is a very incompetent company, I am sorry that I didn’t change insurance companies when I had the chance. I will next time.

May 08, 2017

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