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My Husband and I just attended to this 90 min tour this weekend at the Hill Country Resort/ Silver leaf resort. And believe me it all sounded so great and loved the presentation. but when we told them our credit was bad and we didn't’t think we could buy because of that, they said not to worry that they sell to everyone even with bad credit. she said they don't care how bad your credit is, because they don't even run a credit check. So to us that was a red flag! NO way in He** could this be Lagitament ..and also I did not like the fact that she told us anyone can buy!! I asked her what about sexual predators? Do they run a back ground check since kids are running around freely in these so called resorts, and amazingly she said they don't. another RED FLAG! we decided to pass and wow!! so many different staff employees came by trying to get us a better deal until we finally said NO THANK YOU!! so please don't FALL FOR THIS!!!keep your money and take your family to somewhere really nice..These people are just a waist a time!!

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  • Sn
      26th of Feb, 2011

    Look a little deeper before you jump to a conclusion. They do not care about the credit because they use in-house financing. Silverleaf does not make a payment for the acerage or buildings; they own it outright. Your deed is an ownership for a specified amount of time per year for life; once you pay it off, you will always be able to use it in the manner your contract and deed describe. If you fail to pay or fail to make arrangements if there is a financial issue, it is simple, it will be foreclosed on and that is that.

    Sexual Predators... let's see... They are everywhere, period. Each resort facility has 24x7 on-site security and patrols. There are no hidden places to take and abuse a child or anyone else for that matter. The resorts are geared very specifically towards families and children; there are a lot of wyes on everyone at all times, most just do not know it. Employees all have background checks and tolerance for offense, inappropriate actions / activities by employees is about zero. These resorts are really resorts; there are tons of things to do, places to go, and activities to do around the clock. They are safer than Disney Land, Vegas, or some flea bag motel off the interstate.

    If you had these red flags, as you say, then you should have asked about them directly as there really are answers, policies, and protective measures in-place for everyone. The ownership of this particular company did not just wake up yesterday and decide to sell timeshares... they have been creating vacations and memories through timeshare ownership and consistent planned vacations for over 40 years. If you were to give them a chance to talk to you about your concerns, I am sure you would find that they have considered and acted upon those fears for a very long time.

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  • Ca
      11th of Jun, 2012

    They sucker you into a contract then don't want to let you cancel it when you realise how much of a rip off it is... It's ok though their are a lot of people who feel like I do and if the don't let me cancel my trial membership a lawsuitis in progress and wow there are a lot of people willing to testify in court that were promised the world and not delivered accordingly... You sound like someone who profits from this business.

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