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I received an email from Book Depository yesterday, their latest April offer that looked fantastic. I picked 32 titles (it was that good). But when I received their order confirmation, I noticed that the discounts and savings weren't the same. So, I complained and had an email exchange with them that would have been hilarious, if not so sad. (is it too much to expect honesty from our merchants?)

What they did (do): raise prices by 100% and then offer 50% discount. on 32 books! (I have taken pdf printouts of my search results and order confirmation, and my email exchange with BD, which you can have if you want. No room for attachments here.) This would be considered illegal in a B&W shop in Malaysia -- fake 'sales' and false advertising.

What does International e-commerce law say about such practice. What protection does an oversea buyer have.

BTW, they have refunded the price of all books, except one which they had already dispatched. and which I can return at my own exorbitant cost. But that's not the point. Does international law consider this kosher?

Apr 27, 2017

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