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1 El Paso, TX, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 915-921-6003

On April 20th, 2009 around 3:15pm a friend and I went to Silver Streak at 14421 Montana. I ordered two meal deals (quarter pounder, fries, drink) with cheese. I took the food home so my friend and I could have a nice lunch because we had been craving burgers all day. I ate some of the burger and my friend ate half of the burger. The meat tasted funny so we stopped eating the burgers. About an hour later or so my stomach and my friend’s stomach started hurting and then we got a headache and between 9pm and 10pm we started throwing up. The next day we were really tired and had to use the bathroom a lot. I tried contacting the Silver Streak for a refund of my money and when I spoke to the manager Yvonne she said I had to speak to the assistant manager to see about a refund. I spoke to the assistant manager named Veronica who then said I had to speak to Yvonne because she is the manager. Then the manager said that they do not give refunds and they could only give me the same burgers again. I told her why would I, want the same burgers again if they made me and my friend sick and I just wanted my money back. The manager Yvonne said they do not give re funds to anybody and they never have. I said but I am not going back to silver streak because it was a very bad experience for me and I just wanted my money back because I did not even finish my food. She told me no, that she would not give me my money back and so I asked for a manager hire than her and she said the owners name was Jerry and that I should call him. I asked if they had a district number and she said that she doesn’t know it and I asked for a cooperate number and that she doesn’t know that number either. She said the only person I could talk to was Jerry. I called Jerry about 3 times that day and left a voice mail for him to call me back. He did not return my phone call until April 22, 2009. I asked him why did it take so long for him to call me back and he said it was because his phone did not work. I told him I had left him a voice mail and then he continued that he did not get it either. I explained to him the situation that I was in and that I only wanted my $10.97 back since I had a bad experience and Jerry said that I had to speak to Yvonne and that she would see if I deserved the money back. I told him how does someone deserve there money back? He said well Yvonne is not going to give you your money back anyway because that day I served 500 burgers and you were the only complaint so the problem is you. I cannot believe that an owner spoke to me that way. It made me very upset and I told him that I would report him to the BBB and he said he was a member of it. I then said if you are a member of the BBB that he should know that he should not treat me as a customer the way he was treating me and he said since he belonged to the BBB that he could treat me how he wanted. I was very concerned with this and how can someone have a business like this in El Paso. It made me think on how many people have been sick in El Paso because of Silver Streak but nothing ever gets done about it because all they do is speak to Jerry and he turns them down so they think there is no one else for them to help them. They think it all stops with Jerry. Jerry then continued to say that I needed to contact the Health Department but that they wouldn’t do anything either because again he served 500 burgers that day. "That I was the only one with the problem."I am very upset about the service that I got from Silver Streak and how I was treated and the pain and suffering that I went through. I tried contacting the cooperate office but the Silver Streak number is disconnected and when I contact other Silver Streaks to get a cooperate number they say they don’t have one and that I have to contact Jerry. Something needs to be done about this bad food and about the management of this establishment. Thank you


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